This morning I went down the stairs in my building and my neighbor greeted me “good morning Mrs.kumar”….I greeted him back and went to my younger sons school to drop him, his teacher called me Niravs mother I need to talk to u……All the relatives around us are from my husband side and they call me Ramasubramanians daughter in law…By the way I have a name and it is Uma, which only a very few know – in the world I live after marriage…….When I realised this , I decided to get back in touch with all the old friends who know me as Uma….by interacting with the people who know me (as uma) gave me a lot of happiness….. I also felt that I am very natural with them….

On women’s day (tomorrow) let us take a conscious effort to get in touch with those who know us…..

We are totally lost in this self less service after marriage….but let us not feel unhappy…..As per karma yoga doing a service forgetting your self is considered to be the most highest quality of action in the path of spirituality…….Let us continue this self less service within our small kingdom of home……But forgetting this self is not so easy to do (with complete happiness)………… let us take some time to interact with people who know us…this will give us contentment and happiness to continue this journey of self less service……being a women is so blissful as naturally we poses this divine quality in us………Happy women’s day…………….



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