Herbal Tea – My favourite


Long ago, I went for some veda classes. This was conducted in the house of a lady. Frankly the veda class was not at all useful. The lady of the house served us a great aromatic tea. I attended few classes extra not to learn veda but to taste the tea. I learned a lot of home decor ideas and learnt this herbal tea recipe. This is one of my favourite teas.


  1. Boil the water.
  2. Switch off the fire and add the tea.
  3. Cover it and keep it on the counter for 40 sec.
  4. To the cup add the ginger and cinnamon (raw).
  5. Filter and pour the tea in the cup on top of ginger and cinnamon.
  6. The ginger and cinnamon will float and settle in the bottom and release nice aroma.
  7. Add sugar if reqd or serve the sugar separately for the guests to have as per their preference.


  • If you prefer a very strong tea, can boil the ginger along with the water. But do not boil cinnamon.
  • Instead of cinnamon can add tulsi leaves (teared with hands).
  • I have used tea granular. If u prefer tea leaves then I recommend to use tea bags. As it will be easy to remove quickly. Tea leaves release the tea faster, but granules take some time. I we allow the tea leaves in the water for even 40 sec the tea will be bitter. The tea bag with tea leaves has to be dipped and removed quickly.
  • But I prefer cinnamon.

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