The Secret – Positive thinking, feeling and talking


The Secret: The Power

secret book – Also have a look at this site.

Few years ago, three friends recommended me to read this (The secret – positive thinking) book within a period of 10 days. So I felt that may be it has something to tell me and I bought this book.

This book is basically about positive thinking.

But to give an idea,

  1. Who is responsible for our life? As per this book our thoughts, feeling and talking is responsible for our life.
  2. Our brain because of the thoughts, feeling and talking is emanating electromagnetic waves all the time. The universe is also filled with these kinds of waves. Our thinking will give a particular frequency for us to attract some force from the universe. If the thoughts are positive and the feeling and talking is good then we will draw positive energy which will bring more happiness to us.
  3. We mold our life with our thoughts. If our thoughts, feeling and talking is positive then we will be happy and we will get what we want.
  4. If our thoughts are negative we are drawing negative force from the universe, which will give us unhappiness and we may not achieve, what we want.
  5. This book is full of examples to tell us – what is positive thinking, feeling and talking.
  6. A person (X) has got promotion and his best friend cum colleague in office has not got it. This person at that moment will have positive thought and positive feeling (happiness). But when he meets his friend (not got promotion) he will say something like actually this is nothing and I didn’t do much etc. Just to make the friend feel good. As per this book if we have positive thought and positive feeling and by talking something against our thought and feeling will make us deny the more happiness which we should have actually got because of the positive thought. With our positive feeling we must be deriving positive energy from the universe and it will be broken with our negative talking. We could say something like this to our un promoted friend “you deserve much more and may be you will get a double promotion and double pay hike next time”. In this situation whatever we talk is not going to make our friend happy rather than talking something against our feeling talk something positive. So that the frequency of positive ness is not disturbed.
  7. There are some people who always talk positive but their thoughts and feeling are negative. This is also useless.
  8. Suppose some negative thought is coming in our mind then we should do something to get rid of it. Whenever I get the thought that the people around me are not understanding me or my effort, I loudly sing this song to myself and believe me I feel so nice. (I am forced to sing as I could not upload from the net only these words. Link to listen to my words my song                                                                                                 Also see the original video of the song.. The words are in hindi, it goes like this,
Nahin samjhe hai vo humein to kya jaata hai Haari baazi 
ko jeetna humein aata hai – Meaning in english - How does
 it matter if nobody Understand's us? We know how to win
 A lost hand.

This is an eg please find your own method and that will work better.

  1. Never think of your past which is unpleasant. Think only of good things.
  2. Never listen to people who always crib. May be you can end the conversation by saying “I am blissful and such things have not happened to me”.
  3. Initially, it will look like we are acting but eventually we will think only good and all our bad thoughts will vanish.
  4. This book says if we critise and talk about a person may be it will affect our digestion.
  5. Start the morning with a pleasant feeling. For this I feel we should go to bed in a relaxed way. Don’t think that we have to get up otherwise it will become late, so much work today etc….Think that today will a nice day and I will have so much energy to finish all the work etc. Believe me, change your thoughts – your life changes.
  6. It also insists that never use the word like horrible, I am tried, I don’t feel like doing, I think this a tough task and it will take more time. Rather think I can do it, May be I will do it after some time. Something positive.
  7. This book goes to the extent of saying we will get what we want, say from job to car or jewels – if we like it and think that we need it and put full love then it will come to us like a magnet.
  8. If we don’t like a situation or the behaviour of a person then just imagine the same situation as you wish (with full belief) as though it is happening in the way you wanted and feel happy. It will happen to you in the same way we imagined. Then we will realise the power of thought. Dreaming is good with the belief that it is reality.
  9. The world is showing what we wanted. If we put our love we will get it. Eg. If we see somebody’s child getting an award or prize, if we also feel happy then our child will also get a prize soon. If we think see they have got it but our child has not, then that thought is taking away the prize from us.
  10. The universe shows us the people who have the qualities that we want but without feeling jealous if we love those attitudes and appreciate it will come to us.
  11. Think and write down your desires and passion. Spend some time during the day about the plans of achieving it. It will help you to achieve it. With total belief then it will happen.
  12. One more example – this is from my life. It was during my exam time. I told my mother that I am going to sleep for an hour and I need to complete a lot of lessons. But I ended up sleeping for 3 hours. When I got up I got sacred but my mother said “good you had a very good sleep, whatever you wanted to study in the next 4 hours you will finish in the next 2 hours. Eat something and start studying”. Positivity gives energy.
  13. When I recommended this book to one of my friend, he asked me why I should try these things. I know life is with ups and downs and I am managing the downs well. Then why should I act and see the power of mind. When he asked me this question I didn’t have a good answer. But now I have 3 answers.

Ans 1: When my husband insisted me to drive, I tried and found that it was difficult for me. Then I tried to convince him saying I am managing so well without driving and I am not a lazy person so I don’t mind walking etc. I was also asking a lot of questions like how will I release the clutch and press the accelerator to move the car forward…something or the other. Now I am driving for some years and I have realized how important it is to drive and all the questions I asked about driving is silly. Now, even my mind is occupied I drive with the unconscious mind because of practice. Similarly, do not ask – just try. You will know the answer yourself.
Ans 2: All of us in this world has a desire to fulfill we will not be satisfied till we achieve it and nothing else can make us happy till we get that. May be this is a key to open the door to achieve our desire – why can’t we try it?

Ans 3: I am your friend and well wisher. I am not asking you to do a murder or a theft but just asking you to think positive. Why cannot you believe me and try.

This book is one of the best sellers and many million copies have been sold. But even after liking the concept many are not able to try, why? I will discuss this in great detail in one of my up coming articles. Have a great day.


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  1. My MIL recommended this book to me years ago. Cant say I have embraced everything in the book whole heartedly, but have defnly seen the power of positive thinking. I’ll keep trying, and thank you Uma for your timely reminder.

  2. Generally I do not read post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to try and do so! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thank you, quite nice post.

  3. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do some research on this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more from this post. I am very glad to see such fantastic information being shared freely out there.

  4. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this web site before but after looking at some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely pleased I discovered it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!

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