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Right from Sambar to Lasagna – all recipes are available in the internet  It is only a question of choosing which is giving the better results as per our taste buds.The following are the links of the cooking sites I refer. I hope it will reduce your research time.

All cuisines :

  1. subbuskitchen -I belong to Tirunelveli. This aunty also belongs to the same place. All her cooking matches with my grandmothers taste.Must try her moore kuzhambhu and whiter pumpkin kootu.
  2. Chitvish – Indus ladies. All south Indian recipes are too good. Authentic recipes. I think all the combinations are covered. No recipe is omitted. I check to these recipes when my mothers visit my house. It is so authentic that nobody can find any flaws.
  3. Curry Girls – Show me the curry. More than the recipes I like watching these ladies. Very nice presentation. Their video’s motivated me to improve my presentation.
  4. Manjulas kitchen– all recipes without onion and garlic.
  5. Nisha madhulika – recipes in hindi. Her method of cooking is good.
  6. Bhavanas Recipes – Simple recipes with very good presentation. A very dedicated lady  – who cooks with complete love and passion.
  7. Madhurasrecipe – simple home food
  8. Shanti Krishnakumar – I liked all her resams. They are best as soups than eating with rice.
  9. Vahrehvah – This site will inspire us to cook. He is a chef in a five star hotel. All restaurant food recipes are available in his site.
  10. sailus food
  11. Srirangam Radhu. Very interesting video done by the couples for their children. The resams are very good.

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  1. Yum Yum! I especially enjoyed the Vatthal kuzumbu demo by the older couple. Cant wait to share these with my husband. Siva is the foodie in our family, he’ll pick what recipes we try out.

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