Intellect – Buddhi (part 5) [ Truth exists ]


Read the article in the sequence of parts.

The intellect are of two kinds – gross intellect ( tikshna buddhi) and subtle intellect (sukshma buddhi).

Gross intellect will help us to understand the actions within the world. The actions range from the simplest discrimination between day and night to the highest scientific discoveries and inventions. But the disadvantage is – it cannot understand beyond earth i.e. the existence of God etc is beyond its limit. That is why great scientist also doesn’t understand the transcendental.

The subtle intellect will help us to understand and reveal the mystery of the Unknown reality (existence of God and realising the self ) .

If I say, you do not understand my articles then the gross intellect is low. How much ever I write – you will not be able to understand till this conditioning of the mind is changed.

While explaining the new concepts we should go from the known to the unknown. E.g. If somebody new to Delhi (city in India) and asks me the direction for Humayun tomb. I tell him – it is on the Mathura Road. He will not understand as he does not know Mathura Road. Then, I tell him – it is near the Bhogal market. If he is unaware then he will not find it. Then I ask him how did you come to Delhi? Train or plane? He says train and I arrived at the Nizamuddin station. Then I  tell him from the station come straight and turn right and you will see the Humayun tomb. So to explain the unknown we need to tell from what we know. It is true that the Humayun Tomb is on the Mathura Road and near the Bhogal Market but it not understood by a person who is not aware of these locations. We are not understanding the nature of people and their behaviour in the world because of our lack of knowledge. This can be solved with the development of gross intellect.

Similarly, by reading the scriptures – we might think these things are already known to us. Say, the Mahabharata story is known to us. But there are some things which we have not understood because of the conditioning of the mind. Knowledge also changes the conditioning of our mind. In turn by changing the conditioning of the mind we can get more knowledge.

This is explained in Bhagavad Gita as the waker, dreamer and deep sleeper. In the waking state – I believe that I am Uma who is so and so etc. Suppose I sleep and I dream as though I am a Doctor and treating all the patients. I completely believe that I am a doctor. If somebody is going to ask me who are you I will say I am a doctor. Once I wake up I know I am Uma. Similarly when I am in  deep sleep (without dreams) – I am nothing, as there are no thoughts. So it is the conditioning of the mind which makes us believe that we are so and so. In the waking state I believe I am Uma and when the conditioning of the mind changes  and enter into the dream state, I believe that I am a doctor. If we change our conditioning of the mind our understanding changes.

Still it is not clear. I will give a practical example. My friend is drunk and lying on the streets. If I am a good friend I will pick him up and drop him in his house. Even if my friend is trying to talk something I will stop him saying “ok – we will talk tomorrow, now let’s go home “. It does not mean that I don’t want to advice my friend rather I know his mind is not in a condition to listen to my words. Similarly, if we do not understand the concept of intellect or the existence of the unknown reality –  it means that our mind is not in a condition to understand it. If we don’t understand something then we believe that it is not true or not existing. The reality is that the truth exists and we need to develop the intellect to understand it.

See part 6


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