2.Body Types


Kapha (left) Pitta (centre) Vata (Right)

The parents of all diseases is unhappiness and Constipation.

In other words, if we are happy and the digestion is perfect then no disease.

To have proper digestion, the digestive fire in our stomach has to be perfect.

What is this digestive fire (Agni)?

Agni is called the metabolic syndrome.

Imagine your stomach to be stove cooking the food further with some fire (acids). The food will take more time to cook or it will remain uncooked if the fire is low. It will burn the food if the fire is high.

It is important to have a perfect fire. Otherwise digestion is affected.

This Agni is affected because of 3 factors,

  • Heat
  • Water
  • Wind

All these should be in balance. If we have more water or wind then the fire will be put off. If any of these factors are more or less then it is called the imbalance or dosha.

  • Low or high heat – Pitta Dosha
  • Low or high water – Kapha Dosha
  • Low or high wind – Vata Dosha

All of us have all the 3 factors in different unique combinations.

We are naturally born with certain body type. If we have pitta body we will be hot, kapha body people we will have more water and vata body will have more wind (gases).

Pitta body type – More heat

  • Articulate and great orators.
  • Bold, Sharp witted, sharp – tongued.
  • They are the ones who take over when they think a leader is needed.
  • Medium Muscled body structure.
  • Hot and Wet.
  • When out of balance they tend to be,
  • Angry and irritable.
  • Burnt out.
  • Rashes on their skin.

Vata body type – More Wind

  • Do everything quickly – move, think and act.
  • They tend to eat and sleep irregularly.
  • Most of them can eat anything without gaining weight.
  • When vatas are out of balance they suffer from,
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Constipation, hyper tension, insomnia, anxiety, depression, Back aches, muscle spasms and irregular heart rhythm.

Kapha Body type

  • Stable and sturdy.
  • More rounded body structure.
  • Cold and Wet
  • Problems don’t upset kaphas.
  • They tend to be calm, loving and forgiving.
  • They take time to learn something new but never forget.
  • When out of balance they get,
  • Cold, allergies, sinus infections.
  • Over eating leading to diabetics and cholesterol.
  • Sluggish, lethargic, difficult to motivate.
  • Sleep heavily.
  • Emotional.
  • Food lovers.

There can be fat Vata people if they over eat. So it is not easy to find the original body type. Consult an Ayurvedic doctor he will be able to tell you or think how you looked in puberty. That might tell you your true body nature.

Find your body type from this online quiz….http://www.holisticonline.com/ayurveda/w_ayurveda-dtest1.htm

All 3 factors are needed. They have to be in balance. These imbalances will also keep changing with your life style. Say sometimes pitta (heat) or kapha (water) will be more etc.

Whatever is your body type – if you have cold then it means kapha (water) is more at that particular time. Then we need to increase the heat. Ginger is the best herb to increase the heat and it is also not dry, it has some juice. Say on the other hand if we have chilli then it will increase the heat but it is also dry which will aggravate kapha.

Pitta people are more aggressive because of the excessive heat. They need to drink more water to keep in balance (otherwise they will be angry and irritable). As they are aggressive they will do more exercise. But more exercise will give more heat. So they should do less exercise in a slow phase taking sips of water in between.

Kapha are fat people. They may not like to exercise but have to do aggressive exercise.

Combination of these body types also possible.

Small tip:

To keep the bodies in balance have a few long stripes of ginger with lemon and salt. This is best for all body types. Ginger is heat but lemon is sour and cooling. Normally all sour things are hot but lemon is an exception. Have this 3 to 4 times in a week with the lunch it will balance the doshas and keep the Agni in good condition.


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  1. Thanks a ton for being our tutor on this subject. I enjoyed your article a lot and most of all cherished how you handled the areas I widely known as controversial. You’re always incredibly kind towards readers really like me and let me in my everyday living. Thank you.

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