4.Emotions (Rasas)

Bharat natyam – Rasas are discussed in detail
  • Calming the mind is possible if we have more knowledge about the emotions.
  • Under these 3 Gunas of mind we show certain emotions or rasas say,

In the rajasic state of mind we show,

  • Love – Shringar
  • Joy – Hasya
  • Wonder – Adbhut
  • Anger – Raudra
  • Sadness – Karuna

In the tamasic State of mind we show,

  • Courage – Veer
  • Fear – Bhayanak
  • Disgust – Vibhatsya

In the Satvik state of mind we show,

  • Peace – Shanta

If we notice;  to our surprise the courage is produced when the mind is tamasic. Yes, stop running around then we will get confidence. Don’t do anything very quickly.

Don’t run around the house too quickly, reduce the speed you will be able to do more work and as the endurance will be more. Your confidence will be more and you will get clarity of thinking. A very active person is never confident.

So there are 9 emotions or rasas we produce.

In rig veda, these rasas are described as energies. Energies keep changing.

These rasas or energies happen not in the physical body but in our pranic body. Yes, we have a physical body, mental body and a pranic body called the energy body.

This emotional energy created in the pranic body moves through nadi (channels) to the body and mind. They will move so fast like a lighting or electricity.

In Sanskrit this emotional rasa is also described as the blood plasma. In the blood cells there are watery liquid and they have nutrients and neurotransmitters.

What are neurotransmitters? The nerve cells in the brain transfer messages as electric pulses to other nerve cells. These nerve cells are connected with a thin thread. There is a space between the thread called synapses and are filled with cerebrospinal fluid. In this cerebrospinal fluid there are some molecules called neurotransmitters. Information is passed between the nerves through these neurotransmitters. The energy transferred is not only electrical but also electro bio chemical.

When we eat sugar or chocolate – we create the neurotransmitters like serotonin, beta – endorphin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters give a feeling of satisfaction. But the mood changes when it is getting digested. Chocolate is very hard for the liver so the digestion is not smooth so it will lead to frustration. People again eat chocolate to have a good mood and again frustration while digesting. This will lead to depression. Normally, chocolate addiction is with women who are feeling lonely.

The nerve cells in the brain are connected with the thin threads. The more we use one of these threads or paths the more thick they become. These paths are called the neuro pattern.

The good news is that by changing the emotions we can create new neuro pattern. By not using the old one – they become thin. See my anger article.

What triggers the emotions?

  • So the foods we eat create neurotransmitters and they affect the emotions.
  • It is very important to eat freshly cooked food. They have more new prana or energy. This energy in the food will help in digestion.
  • If we eat old food they have no energy in them. So we will consume the prana already existing in the body to digest the food. This will deplete the energy in the pranic body and we will feel tried. This leads to frustrations and other bad emotions.
  • Even raw food like salads consumes more energy for digestion so they have to be avoided. We can have very small quantities but not too much.  Ayurveda recommends cooked food.
  • We need to eat satvik and rajasic food and avoid tamasic food like meat,burger,pizza,bread, cake etc as they are very hard to digest.
  • Energy changes quickly and changes the emotions. Suppose we are unhappy and a good friend arrives at our door step then the energy immediately changes. Meeting people is a trigger to emotions.
  • There are some memories in the subconscious mind. If we think of an incident or a person immediately the energy changes and that might lead to unhappy feeling and emotions.
  • Rasa Sadhana like anger fast can change the deep memories in the sub conscious mind.
  • Like how meeting certain people can change the energy and mood, certain colours like grey and black affects our mood.
  • So maintain some good colour scheme in the house and use some good incense or perfume it will improve the emotional state.
  • The feeling that we get by smelling a flower can change the emotions.
  • Don’t get addicted to it. Otherwise we will be unhappy if there is no good smell. Always keep it in a limit and do not over do.
  • If somebody is really invading your personal space. It will be a trigger from your subconsciousness. If the physical and mental body are supporting. Then it will become a big emotional disturbance.
  • These worries from the subconcious mind create diseases. The test may not show any disease and the doctors are finding the reason then it is the worry in the subconscious mind has created it.
  • So it is very important to do rasa sadhana to get rid of the bad emotions.
  • Bathing will change the energy and emotions.
  • Wearing clean and comfortable clothes will change the energy.

The energy will send signals through the neuro transmitters and in turn will change the mood in the mind and body. These are called emotions.

Even if the energy is giving signal but the concepts are clear the mind can reject the signal then we will not have any bad emotions. The energy body will quickly change if the signals are rejected.

Rasa sadhana means emotional fast. We can fast on the bad emotions. Say promising to ourself that we will not get angry.

This exercise of fast will allow us to reject the signals of the energy body.

Don’t suppress. Say you are feeling angry inside but not showing it outside. This is not rasa sadhana. In fact it is too bad. If you get angry show it. The objective of rasa sadhana is not to feel angry from inside.

It is important to keep the energy in good condition (pure) and it should not be wasted.

The low energy will lead to bad emotions like anger, depression etc.

Don’t exert yourself. Work, take enough rest and spend some time of peace.

In short a better lifestyle will give good quality energy leading to better feelings and emotions.

Prana Tejas Ojas = life force.

Surplus prana will be condensed to tejas and more condensed will he stored as ojas. When needed ojas is converted to tejas and in turn to prana.

Depleting tejas or ojas will lead to disease. Healing will be difficult when the energies are low.

Ojas will be seen in a person if the skin is shinny. If the skin is dull then the ojas is low.

Without the energy of tejas the intellect will be low and new learning’s may not be possible.

How to keep the Tejas / ojas sufficiently?

  1. Better life style.
  2. Don’t do anything too much beyond your nature to accommodate others. This depletes tejas.
  3. Any unhappy feeling reduces energy.
  4. Even sex without interest depletes tejas.

Doesn’t worry …Do what you like – happily…….Leave fears…….Involve in some spiritual activities like reciting mantra and meditation. They will give more energy. Don’t allow your mind to wander.This will also save lots of energy….


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