5.Desires (Chakras)

This is a Navagraha (planets) kolam(design). Seven kolams are made for the seven days of the week. The shapes and the sounds shown in the kolam matches with the seven chakras of desires. By drawing these kolams daily we will be able to visualise and meditate on each chakras easily.
The seven energy chakras of desires in our body
Seven chakras matching with the navagrahas.
  • Chakras are the wheels of energy. They are the centre; where the energy is changed.
  • The prana/ energy passes through the chakra.
  • These chakras are the desire points.
  • In the first chakra the energy is grosser (impure) and in the second it is more subtle (pure). As we go upwards in the chakras -the energy becomes very subtle (more and more pure).
  • As the energy becomes pure it moves up in the chakras.
  • If we cross the first chakra then we will feel secured and will have no fear.
  • If we cross the second chakra we will not chase the pleasures.
  • It is important to keep the energy pure to reach the higher level of desires.
  • We cannot leave the desires. But if we have pure prana then it will cross these points of chakras and we will leave the basic desires and move up.
  • Finally we will reach the higher chakras of desire and meet the Consciousness / Super power.
  • The universe is made of consciousness and energy. Energy is changing but consciousness is never changing.
  • There is a story for this….Parvathi wanted to create human beings and play a game. She asked Shiva also to play. Shiva said I cannot participate as I am ever changing. So Parvathi asked him to be in the centre as it is never changing and she will be the energy which will always change. When somebody realises that then they will meet the shiva in the centre.
  • What we generally do in yoga is to stop all energies, mind and body and concentrate on the Consciousness (shiva ever changing) and meditate.
  • In tantra yoga, we try to harmonise (pure) the energy so that it is easy to move up and concentrate on the Consciousness. The energy will no longer disturb as it is harmonised (pure). In other words the desires will vanish and no disturbance.
  • What is the Consciousness? We don’t know  – how can we make people to understand. So some techniques are found.
  • These techniques called tantra or tricks are made. They are Numerology, rituals and chakras.
  • Understanding of the desires of chakras will help us to reach the Consciousness.
  • Desires are the hindrance to reach the Super power.
  • How to overcome the desires?
  • Actually we cannot get rid of desires but can elevate it to upper desires.
  • How to do that?
  • If we understand the chakras and make the prana pure; it is possible.
Each chakra is made of the five basic elements of Ayurveda. Say,

1st chakra (from the bottom) – Earth element

2nd chakra – Water

3rd Chakrs – Fire

4th chakra – Air

5th chakra – space

6th chakra – Joy

7th chakra – Bliss

When the energies / prana touch the elements and tickle, the desire arises.

Chakra Name Desire Age
Muladhara Chakra Security 1-7 years
Svadhisthana Chakra Pleasure 8-14 years
Manipura Chakra Status 15-21 years
Anahata Chakra Love 22-28 years
Vishuddha Chakra Knowledge 29-35 years
Ajna Chakra Liberation 36-42 years
Sahasrara Chakra Peace > 42 years
These chakras of energy are present in the energy body. Approximate place of their location is given in correlation to the physical body for better understanding like anus, genital, naval, heart, throat, third eye and crown of the head. But the energies keep moving – these are only locations for better understanding. Modern scientists correlate it with the respective glands in that location. May be there are some relation with the gland but that is not the right way. These chakras keep moving not fixed.
This is the best way to understand ourselves. The orders of these desires are also very logical.
  • First need is security. If survival is difficult then that is the only desire.
  • Once the survival is not a problem say a house, food and a car is there then fun is required i.e. pleasure.
  • Then eventually this pleasure will also be boring. We might feel others are getting more pleasure so we need to have a status for more fun.
  • When status is achieved – People look up at you. They want to be like you; they will be friendly with you but will not love you.
  • Then search for love in a group. Working for a group or environment say for elderly people, poor people etc. You start to love the other people. When they worry you worry. Then we start asking questions like why are they suffering? Why it is like that? etc.
  • To find the answer- reading more books and gaining knowledge. Then we understand that there is not much to understand, it is only about being and not understanding. Concepts are read and forgotten. We need to be within that to understand.
  • Then meditation to seek the truth within.

This is natural. Nothing is forced. Everybody will come to yoga one day.

The age prescribed for each desire is the normal age given in the Vedas.

With age we are supposed to leave certain desires. This is possible only when the prana is pure – this can be achieved with better life style.

There is nothing wrong, if we are not doing it in the respective age. We need little more pleasure. Enjoy completely. You will come one day. No hurry.

If we study till 2nd class in a school in a city and father got transferred and moving to a different city we will start from the 3rd class. Similarly, if we have reached a particular chakra in the last life, in this life we will be fast in reaching the chakra where we stopped in the last life.

All of us have come to this world to full fill some desire. People normally want to giveup the deires. If we full fill the desires they are normally with drawn. The more you giveup more you will have the desire for it.

But this is different with different people. Some people can give up some desires and but cannot give up some others. So it is important to full fill the desires that cannot be given up. After all we are born to full fill the desires. Enjoy and full fill. At the same time, lead a good lifestyle and keep the prana pure this will help in better thoughts and we can elevate to upper desires.

Qualities of people in the 1st chakra (Security),

  • 10 to 12 hours of sleep.
  • Sleep on belly like a baby.
  • Animal associated – Ant. Always busy and obedient.
  • They are proud of themselves and their muscles ( in the sense their work).
  • They don’t want to be somebody.
  • God fearing.
  • They are always dependent on others. Feeling of insecurity.
  • Greed is their problem.
  • Count their money. Like to see it is growing.
  • Fear of theft.
  • Always worry of death and disease.
  • If we cross this chakra we will feel secured.
  • The world will look like a safe place to live.

Qualities of people in the 2nd chakra (Pleasure),

  • 8 to 10 hours of sleep. As the energy moves from one chakra to the other it becomes subtle; so less wastage. In turn less sleep.
  • Fetus position while sleeping.
  • Animal associated: Butterfly – little here and there.
  • Enjoyment.
  • Sex, drug, rock and roll.
  • Fantasy: likes stories, movies and theatre.
  • Sitting and thinking.
  • Day dreaming.
  • They dream as though they are the hero.
  • Very romantic.
  • Not interested in public image.
  • By they want to appear good to those people to whom they are attracted.
  • Interested in art, beauty and cooking.
  • They like to develop the taste – talking about something new, this is nice etc.
  • Sometimes very active and sometimes very depressive.
  • Feeling useless.
  • Basically in the youth age.
  • If we cross this chakra then we will not look for sensory pleasures.

Qualities of people in 3rd chakra (Status),

  • 6 to 8 hours of sleep.
  • Sleeping on the back.
  • Animal associated – Cobra (pride).
  • Navel is the centre of the body. Importance.
  • Achieve something.
  • They can get things done.
  • They make other people work.
  • Proud of intellect.
  • Doing Charity.
  • These people are more secured and will have all the luxuries. Now they want status.
  • If we cross this chakra we will have a position in the world.
  • But normally the energy will go up and down. So sometimes they will feel insecure and many times they want the luxuries and may be after some time the urge for status.
  • The good news is that the energy changes quickly.
  • Even if we go down in the chakras of desire if we lead a good living and the concepts are clear then we will quickly go up.
  • Sometimes slipping is possible but we can quickly get up.

Qualities of people in 4th chakra,

  • 5 to 6 hours of sleep.
  • Sleeping on the left side.
  • Friendly and caring for the other people.
  • Centre of all chakras i.e 3 above and 3 below.
  • This 4th chakra is the most important and not the 7th.
  • Heart is the place the self lives.
  • It moves up and resides in total peace, after learning what is to be learnt. They come back to the heart.
  • For many mothers this happens.
  • Understanding the sufferings.
  • Thinking we are big and understanding the limitations, the devotion becomes easy.
  • Art will be easy.
  • Taste will develop and bring good feelings to others.
  • Sharing love with everybody.
  • Satvapathi- Ruler of satva meaning ; you know “how to be happy”.
  • People in this chakra will have security, luxuries and some status.
  • They will realise that status does not give love.
  • People will admire them and want to follow them. But will not love them.
  • Then they want more love.
  • These people will serve a group. Say help the community,helping old people, poor, basically helping others etc.
  • As they love these people – they will think others problem as theirs.
  • Or with experience will understand the problems of life
  • They want to find solutions and help the world.
  • For solution they will read more and look for knowledge.

Qualities of people in 5th chakra (Knowledge),

  • 4 to 5 hours of sleep.
  • Changing sides.
  • Animal associated – peacock.
  • Will be a spiritual teacher.
  • Showing the intellect beauty like the peacock showing by spreading its wings.
  • Simple living, high thinking.
  • Expressing the knowledge will lead you to a different level of knowledge.
  • These people chase knowledge to solve the problems in the world.
  • They will proudly show their intellect.
  • They will not get the response and feel disappointed.
  • Then they will understand that the world is perfect but we are free to give our contribution.
  • If people want to take it – let them go head.
  • We cannot compel anybody.
  • By sharing the knowledge – their understanding becomes better.
  • They will think knowledge is no use; what we need is liberation.

Qualities of people in 6th chakra (Liberation),

  • Merging of emotion and thought, lunar and solar.
  • Bringing all the opposites together.
  • Energy meets the consciousness i.e Shakti meets the Siva.
  • Knowledge not by words.
  • Meditation is the activity.
  • Seeing with the third eye.
  • No more they want to share the knowledge.
  • They will understand that knowledge cannot be gained with words.
  • But with experience – searching within.

There are some small chakras between 6th and 7th. They are,

Soma Chakra

  • Some liquid slowly trickles down in the mouth.
  • Mostly it is digested.
  • Which will make the body strong but the energy is wasted.
  • The trick is to stop it in between and not swallowing.
  • This process of desires is mentioned in the Lalitha Sahasranamam.
  • In Sudha – sagara – madhyasta (61) -Sudha means nectar, sagara means ocean and maddhyasta means centre. Sudha sagaram is a place in sahasrara. Just before sahasrara, there is a place called soma chakra. When kundalini (prana) reaches this soma chakra, due to the extreme heat, a liquid flows down through our throat. This liquid is called sudha as its viscosity and taste resembles nectar. This liquid is also called amirtavarshini. Amirtam also means nectar. She being present in the middle of this soma chakra in the midst of ocean of nectar causes this nectar to flow into all the 72,000 nerves of our body. It is said that this nectar, if flows into our body does not cause death to the physical body. However this is possible only during advanced stage of kundalini meditation. This is said to be the reason for long life of great sages. Sudha sindu also means the bindu in the centre of Sri Chakra.This nama attains great importance because it talks about amirtavarshini and the bindu.

Kamadhenu Chakra

  • Wishful cow.
  • Whatever you wish comes true.
  • It is a trap.
  • Say thanks to the cow and say that you don’t want anything.
  • Proceed to the next chakra.

Kameshwari Chakra

  • Beyond all qualities of energy.
  • Nothing affects them.

Now all of you must be wondering where am I?

  • If you have done any yoga then you may be between 2 to 6 moving up and down.
  • If you have not done any yoga then may be 1st or 2nd.
  • Actually some people will get into yoga and again leave it because the energy has fallen.
  • Energy is moving up and down between chakras even many times in an hour.
  • Nobody has crossed any chakra.
  • Say, no care for health, no botheration about money, no fear for death – then the 1st chakra is crossed.
  • No interest in a cup of tea, music – and then 2nd chakra is crossed.
  • But we move up we experience good feelings, emotion and satisfaction.
  • People in the 1st or 2nd chakra may be new souls. Possible.
  • No hurry. What is important, is the process and not the end result.

There are 72000 nadis in the energy body. The most important is the sushumna. It is in the spine. It starts below the 1st chakra and below the 6th chakra it branches into two- one goes up to the crown chakra and the second one goes to the 6th chakra and then to the crown.

There are 2 more important nadis called the editha and pingala. They go in the cross way as shown in the picture like a snake and end in the left and right nostrils.

There is something called kundalini yoga in which pranayama exercises are done to pass the energy of kundalini forcefully from the 1st to the end. This is called the awakening of the kundalini energy.

People have found some yoga practices to forcefully make the energy move upwards to cross the desire points.

This is very different from the natural process of raising energy.

This forceful thing is not required as it is complicated and time consuming. There is always a possibility for the energy to come down. So this way of shortcut is of no use.

People will swallow a cloth till the belly and take it out, Anus cleaning, some kriyas of cleaning is done, gazing at the third eye or at the wall, some mudras are applied to lock the energy, Kapalbhati is done.

They should not lie, no anger, leave contact with people for years.

With lots of pranayam exercise and applying the locks for the energy not to drop down it is moved upwards.

This will give a temporary experience but not a guarantee for enlightment.

This is not required. Natural rising of energy is the best.

I will happen naturally if we lead a good life style.

How to cross the chakras? By changing the concepts  / thoughts….

1st chakra – Security

  • To feel secured. We need to be self sufficient.
  • Do it yourself – however good or bad it may be.
  • Don’t depend on others rather be dependable.

2nd Chakra – Pleasure

  • Pleasure is important but moderation is more vital.
  • Try to enjoy every simple thing.
  • Don’t push yourself too much for enjoyment.

3rd Chakra – Status

  • Serve – you will get the recognition.
  • Live for others.
  • Others will also live for you.

4th Chakra – Love

  • Surrender the result of action.
  • Act only out of love.
  • Don’t expect anything to come.
  • Everything is perfect as it is.
  • But just give your contributions.

5th Chakra – Knowledge

  • Accepting the truth

6th Chakra – Liberation

  • Let go.
  • There are also some knots in between the chakras of desires called granthi. If we cross them then the energy is locked and will not allow to move down. But there is always a chance to move down. This will happen with the change in the lifestyle and thoughts.
  • People normally meditate concentrating on each chakras to make the energy flow till there. There are some colour associated with these chakras. There are some mantras or sounds which are told to make the energy flow there. These chakras have some geometric shapes associated. These are witnessed by people in meditation.
  • In India, ladies do these geometric design in their pooja every day. They will also write these words of sound in between the designs. These are called kolams. If we draw these designs then it is easy to visualise and meditate on these chakras. This will help the energy to flow up.
So have a good lifestyle and keep the energy pure to move up in the desires………….
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