Intellect – Buddhi (Part -11) [Depression]


Vibhatsya Rasa (disgust)

If we are going to think “Error is human’ then no issues.

Rather than thinking “I made a mistake” if we think “I am a loser “then we are calling for depression.

Self confidence is taken away.

Depression is a Rasa (emotional feeling) arising in tamasic state (when the energy level in the body is low).

Suppose if we lose our favourite pen or broken our valuable thing. We might feel bad for sometime and then feel its ok – next time let me be careful.

But people in depression will feel that they are not capable and will keep thinking about it.

There can be 1000 reasons for depression but it arises basically when a person embraces the problems.

It is quite natural for anybody to have problems. If we start to feel that we are the reason for the problems and get disappointed then depression starts. But if we find a solution then it is solved.

In depression, people will feel that they are struck in a situation that they cannot get out of it. Actually they are not able to get out of the situation because they think they cannot – so they cannot. They probably feel there is no solution and consider them as unfortunate or loser.

All the emotions arise from the energy body (See my article on emotions). As it is energy it will soon change. If we understand that then we will know depression will be there for a short while and can easily be diverted.

Normally from depression they will shift to sadness or fear and will again come back to depression.

They will also think and create situations so that they can feel low about themselves.

In people with depression, the ego is not the king. It has surrendered and the administration is taken over by the mind.

We know that mind is a monkey and if we hand over the administration to him what will happen?

The intellect is also low to control the mind.

Because of the agitation of the mind these people seek for sensory pleasures. They might indulge on eating of sugar, sweets and chocolates to feel better.

They normally don’t get angry on others as they are all the time angry with themselves.

They will try to be very sweet with others. They will not share the problems rather keep it to themselves. They will also not find the solution.

They keep accumulating the problems with themselves. They will develop attachment with the problems. They will find fault in others or worry or gives 1 million excuses as to why they have problems and there is no solution.

The emotion or rasa which is enemy to depression (vibhatsya) is love.

If somebody shows love to them or they like someone then they will find problems in them and feel that they are better. This is a typical way of boosting the self confidence by making some one low.

This depression can make them do some vulgar things like stealing; losing all values, disgusting to others, suicide even can lead to murder in extreme cases.

The solution is very simple i.e. building the self confidence.

This can be done with discipline.

Normally depressed people don’t sleep well and their eating habits will also be bad. In turn all the body cells are depressed and full of toxins.

They need to purify the body with some food fast and with some pranayam exercises.

It will be very difficult for them to do meditation. But it will calm the mind.

Normally from depression they will go into some hope and will plan too much and try to jump out of it. But to their pity they will come back to it in 5 minutes.

They cannot jump out of it rather grow out of it.

They should feel that it is absolutely fine to make mistakes and I am not the reason for every problem. Then they can easily come out of it.

The only problem in depression is that nobody can help them only they have to realise and come out.

Say in anger and sadness people will have a reason.

But in depression if you ask them the problem and give a solution then they will tell another problem. So it is up to them to understand and change the mind set.

Normally, they are also disgusting to others; people would like to stay away from them. They also feel lonely.

This according to the vedas is not at all a big problem when compared to anger etc. This can also be easily solved if we change our self belief.

Fresh ginger, Fruits and fruit juices might help in depression.

No need for a therapist if it is only a normal problem. If it is because of any specific incident then a treatment might help.

Let’s feel self confident….it is ok to make mistakes…..ignore them or try to improve….don’t embrace the problems……Think that I can do better and I will not be struck.

Fact :

Depression is because of lack of self confidence. This may be because of,

  • Low energy due to over exhaustion.
  • Low energy will lead to less productivity which will lead to losing the self confidence. [Fact : In the tamasic state of mind some emotional feeling arises. They are courage and depression. It is easy to shift from depression to courage. As the mind set is the same. (See my emotion article)].
  • Bad lifestyle including sleeping and eating habits.
  • May be surrounded by people and situations who keep finding fault and making them feel incapable.
  • Without self confidence they will fall a pray to these words.
  • For example my husband might call me an angel when he is in love and later when he is angry he will call be a devil.
  • If I have the self confidence then I will understand that these are the words resulting out of the emotional feeling and definitively I am neither an angel nor a devil.
  • But it is very easy for people to embrace these words and go into depression if they lack self confidence.
  • Even I went into depression for sometime in my life after marriage. The reason being I had a beautiful well organised childhood. Because I found myself in a messy lifestyle I lost my self confidence. Touch wood I am a pitta person and it is very hard for them to lose the self confidence and I quickly realised this and got over it.
  • Suppose you are in a situation or surrounded by people who find fault then it will be good if you can stay away from them for a while. This will help in changing the neuro pattern. I am not asking you to leave the loved ones; just head out somewhere say to your parents house or take a job so that you can be away from home. Be conscious and don’t fall a pray to others opinion.
  • All of us are capable.
  • I want to quote the dialogue in Taare Zammen par (Hindi Movie) here. Don’t curse anybody they can never grow better.
  • In that movie Aamir khan tells that there is a place called Solomon Island- where tribes live. These tribes when they have to clear the way they don’t cut the trees rather they just curse the trees daily and soon the trees die on their own. So it is important not to find fault and curse others.
  • Error is human……………………………
  • Have a look at this video on you-tube.

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