8.Summary of Ayurveda and Yoga


First read my Ayurveda and Yoga articles in the order and then read this summary.

  • The body types are Vata (wind), Pitta (fire) and kapha (water).
  • The mind has 3 gunas (nature). They are Satvik, Rajasic and Tamasic.
  • We also have some energy called prana.
  • This energy is always changing and it influences the body and mind.
  • So we have a physical body, mental body and the pranic body.
  • Mental body has mind, intellect and sub consciousness.
  • In sub consciousness we have certain concepts stored from previous births.
  • There are some energy centers in the body called chakras.
  • When the energy touches these chakras the desires are created.
  • If the energy is pure then it starts to move upwards in the chakras.
  • As it move upwards our desires also becomes better say from security it becomes pleasure then to status, love, knowledge and peace.
  • So it is important to keep the prana or energy pure.
  • This is achieved with better disciplined life.
  • The mind along with the energy creates the emotions via neurotransmitters.
  • Under different mind set we create different emotions.
  • There are some pleasant emotions and some unpleasant emotions.
  • If we keep the mind under control then the emotions will be pleasant.
  • In turn the body will be healthy.
  • We need to follow a disciplined life style to control the mind.
  • It is very important for the mind to be serious for sometime of the day so that we can allow it to be free for the rest of the day. (See my article on what happened to the leisurely Sundays).
  • So to control the mind we need to improve the concentration or tame it.
  • This is possible with some exercises like Asanas, Pranayama and meditation.
  • The mind can also be controlled with better intellect.
  • Intellect (vijnanamai kosha) – It stores the various concepts.
  • Mind will use the concepts in the intellect to convert to thoughts.
  • If we have better concepts then the mind can be controlled.
  • If we can control the mind then the emotions will also be pleasant.
  • So we need to clean the concepts in the intellect and have a pure prana / energy.
  • If these two are achieved then the mind will be good and the emotions will be pleasant.
  • The intellect can be cleaned with better knowledge.
  • So start reading the scriptures.
  • Here the knowledge is not the degree from any college. It is the knowledge of life.
  • If we read then we will understand that there is a super power in the body which controls all the activities. Which is called the Consciousnesses?
  • We cannot understand it from any books. As it is within us we need to look into our-self or search within.
  • So this calls for meditation.
  • Meditation also helps in clearing the concepts in the subconscious mind (the concepts from previous births).
  • Normally people with more intelligence cannot go within quickly as they will do things only if they understand everything.
  • If an intelligent person asks me to describe sugar. I can tell him it is something like honey or fruits. But no explanation can make him satisfy till I give him a spoon of sugar.
  • To understand we need to experience.
  • When we read more we will come to a conclusion that we need to look into our-self for better understanding.
  • Even for people who don’t want to reach so far, if they clear the concepts in the intellect about the functioning of the body and keep the prana pure; this will solve most of the problems in life.
  • Of course desires will be there. As the prana becomes pure the desires will become better.
  • The two most important steps required to lead a satisfied life is reading and leading a disciplined life.
  • Let’s start the process of improving the intellect and purifying the prana.

Human Being – Consciousness

  1. Physical Body.
  2. Mental Body.
  3. Pranic Body.
Physical Body
  • It is also called the Food Body.
  • Made up of the food we eat.
Mental Body
  • Mind.
  • Intellect.
  • Sub consciousness (concepts from previous birth).
Pranic Body
  • Prana
Mental Body will be healthy
  • Better Lifestyle.
  • Living with nature.
  • Eating habits.
  • Exercise.
Intellect will improve
  • With reading and understanding.
Prana will be pure
  • Living with nature.
  • If  the prana is pure then the desires will improve.
Happy and Satisfied life
  • Clearing the concepts.
  • Purifying the Prana.

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