Child Birth – Part 1


When a women after her menstruation cohabits with a man of a different clan in a lonely place, the man ejaculates  something composed of four mahabhutas and having six tastes, which results in conception in a women.

So the important factors are,

  • Menstruation has to be proper for a healthy egg.
  • Man’s sperm should be pure.
  • They both should be of a different clan (A group of close-knit and interrelated families ).

How an embryo is formed?

The factors responsible for the formation of an embryo are,

  • Mother.
  • Father.
  • Soul.
  • Rasa ( digested product of the mother’s food).

When the mother, father meets and assumed that both are healthy. Then a soul will come from outside and join the egg and the sperm and it will form an embryo.

All these factors are important. Thread alone cannot produce cloth. It is the quality of the thread along with various factors like skillful weaver and weaving techniques etc makes a cloth. Similarly for the embryo to form all these factors are required and no single factor can produce an embryo.

In other words, even if some factors are not perfect; still an embryo is formed. Say a begger mother without the Rasa (proper food) the baby grows.

So there is something beyond all this- is also required for the formation of the baby. They are,

  • Mind set of the mother.
  • Karma (destiny).

Sometimes the mind of the mother might have some fear and stop the formation of the embryo.

In the past life may be there is some bad karma that the soul is not coming and joining the egg and the sperm.

We can be overcome these problems with proper rest, exercise, sattvic food and good thoughts.

On those days if the ayurvedic physician finds that the man and the female are healthy but the mind of the mother is not stable then he will recommend exercise like taking so many rounds (21 to 108) around the arasa maram (peepel tree or bodhi tree of buddha).As these leaves release good amount of oxygen and it has lots of medicinal properties. It calms the mind.

If by chance the mind of the mother is also stable and the body is healthy and still the embryo is not formed then it may be because of the bad karma. So spiritual acts will be recommended like giving some charity, homam or pooja.

Basically, any problem in life is an indication to us that we are nothing and there is something beyond us.

People with infertility problems will understand better that there is something beyond which controls everything.

If we understand and surrender to the soul (GOD) within us that I am nothing and you are responsible for the acts then the problem vanishes (as ego is surrendered).

This is a solution to all our problems. Unfortunately, the people with low intellect will pray to the god for getting a baby or to solve any problems. Nobody is responsible for the problems. It is we or our thoughts which is responsible for the problems or destiny (karma).

As per the chapter of karma, all of us in this world is born to be happy.

If we have the destiny based on our behaviour in the previous births the problems will come. But of course we can overcome these with our behaviour during this life.

Say the destiny is blue colour paint on the wall. This life we are doing good karma and it is yellow paint. What will happen if we paint yellow on blue. The blue will slowly fade and green will start to appear. As we paint more and more yellow the blue will vanish and the wall will be yellow.

So no need to panic about the bad karmas of the previous lives. If we continue with good acts in this life it will fade the bad karmas.

Example: if we get a disease based on the bad karma and we are too good with our behaviour in this life then may be we will go to the doctor on time and the disease will vanish. But some pain and time has to be spent based on the destiny.

Point : Destiny can be changed with the good behaviour in this life.

There are people who are blessed with a very good contented life and they don’t understand and perform bad karma. This will be accumulated and will come later to them in their next lives.

It is how we earn now and save for our retired life. Similarly, we need to do good karma irrespective of the life we have now so that we can have a contended life now and even later on.

Of course the problems in life happens just to make us realise the super power. Once we accept and realise it the problems automatically vanishes.

Point : Whatever happens is for the good……………….


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