As per Ayurveda, Menstruation is a natural cleansing process.

Every month all the impurities (unfertilised egg , blood and some viral infections) are naturally removed from the body of the women.

This is also a reason for women to live longer than men.

A womens internal sex organs consist of,

  • 2 ovaries.
  • Fallopian tubes.
  • Uterus (womb).
  • Vagina.

During menstruation, women bleeds from her uterus (womb) via vagina. This completely cleanses the body.

The ovaries contain the egg.

A single egg will normally ripen and mature due to the action of hormones in the blood stream.

When the egg matures – it bursts from the ovary, travels through the Fallopian tube down into the uterus.

The lining of the uterus is thickened by the hormones and ready to receive the fertiled egg.

Watch this video for a better understanding.

Women’s health depends on the menstruation.

This was well understood by our grandmothers.

They insisted on a complete rest during the period of cleansing so that it is very smooth and the entire body is concentrating on supplying the blood to ovulation.

If we do more work then this process  is disturbed as the blood supply will also be used for other activities.

Ayurveda, believes that this rest time is very important for a healthy women. It is because of the lack of rest and improper blood supply all kind of problems (infertility, cyst in uterus, all uterus related problems) arises.

For example, in those days women were not allowed to have bath during periods.

This is because when the body is in contact with the cold water it stops to bleed and when contacted with hot water it bleeds more.

This stopping or bleeding more is very unhealthy for  the body. We can overcome this problem with a quick lukewarm water shower. If possible we can avoid and have sponge bath.

Washing the hair is not recommended as we will spend more time in water.

The body is very weak and more energy is used while cleansing.

So if we do more work on top of this cleaning it creates more problems mentally and in some cases even physically.

In today’s world it is practically impossible to take rest. But it is in our own hands to make a conscious decision not to over do on these days.

At least people who have an infertility problem can try to take rest.

As per ayurveda, this solves most of the problems of infertility. It also says even excessive intellectual activities also disturb this cycle.

As this blood has some viral infections -the women is considered to be very infectious during this phase. That is why on those days women were asked to stay separately and not allowed to cook for the family. I believe that in these days the sanitary conditions have improved drastically, so may be we can do the minimum cooking.

As far as possible try to reduce the work load on these days.

We are traditionally not allowed to do poojas or visit the temples. It is believed that the body is emanating certain energies which are not very good so it might corrupt the pure atmosphere of the temples and the sattvic qualities of the devotees.

But of course we can use this time to look into ourself (simple meditations) and rejuvenate completely.

It is also advised to eat simple easily digestible food during this time. We may have to avoid spicy and cold products. If we have any cravings this can be solved by increasing the intake of carbohydrates. Basically we need to have some watery food and dry food can be avoided. In those days even pickles and pulses were not given to the women during periods. Predominately a mushy carbohydrate food is recommended.

If we take rest then we will be emotionally strong and we will never be called unpredictable or cry babies.

Some more interesting information about menstruation.



Note : It is unbelievable for many that these blood have some viral infections. It is like this – the cell phones eminate radiations which affect the brain. But, normally we don’t see so many cases; Still it is true. Similarly, menstruation blood has infections. Mostly, we are not seeing cases directly – that is why it looks unbelievable. But this is true. The choice is yours.


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  1. Its really interesting to know that so many reasons where involved under the rules of those days.. Though I believe some are not so practical currently or say have become more easier in some ways but really appreciate the suggestions given. They are simple and easy to follow.

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