Child Birth – Part 2


First read my articles on Menstruation and Child Birth – Part 1.

The following is an extract from the book Caraka samhita in the chapter formation of Embryo (Sarirasthana).

Correct Manner of intercourse for conception 

After menstruation, women should

  • observe celibacy for 3 days and night.
  • Should sleep on the ground.
  • Take food with hands.
  • Should not cleanse her body in anyway.

On the 4th day she should apply oil and bathed from head.

She should wear a white apparel and join the man with happy mind.

They should enter into relationship on even day after bath if they desire a male child or on odd days if they desire a female child.

One should not perform coitus with the female partner in her bending down or side position. In the former, vata being strong inflicts the genital track and in the latter, if she is on her right side, kapha coming down blocks the uterus or if on her left side pitta situated there afflicts both ovum and sperm with burning.

Hence she should receive the seed (semen) while in supine (lying on your back or lying face up) position because in that condition doshas remain in their normal position.

They should have finished the meal 3 hours before the intercourse.


Conception takes place only when the Soul along with the mind enters into the zygote of the sperm and ovum, when they are inside the uterus.

What is Zygote ?

Zygote is on of the stage of sexual reproduction also it is a part of developing of offspring. It is produce after when the male and female partner undergoes conjugation process. During conjugation process the male partner deliver the male sex cell i.e. sperm to the female sex organ from where it moves towards the female sex cell i.e. egg and get fertilized it, after fertilization the male and female pro nucleus fuse together forming zygote, that zygote is a single cell structure which undergoes repeated mitotical division to become a multicellular structure from where by organogenesis resulting the offspring..


Hindus believe in reincarnation. After the death of a person, the soul along with the mind leaves the body. The same joins another sperm and egg to get a new body.

To prove this point, if reincarnation is not true it is not fair for some person to suffer and some to enjoy. All of us have the GOD within us. We get an opportunity to live better in the next life. There is no need to worry about death.

Parts from Mother

Parts which are formed because of the existence of the mother are skin, blood, flesh, fat,umbilicus,heart,right lung,liver, spleen,kidneys,bladder, rectum,stomach, colon,upper and lower parts of the anus,small intestine,large intestine,mesentery and omentum.

Parts from Father

Parts which are formed because of the existence of the father are hair of the head,hair of the face, nail, small hairs of the body, teeth, bones, veins, ligaments, arteries and semen.

There is a school of thought that different organs of the embryo is formed in different months. But as per this book all the parts senses and organs are simultaneously manifested except that are manifested only after birth. eg. teeth, secondary sexual characteristics like beard and breasts.

Desires of Mother

Desires of the mother during the pregnancy are considered to be desires of the baby. If the desires are fulfilled then the babies basic desires are satisfied and will take a life for fulfilling the major desires. Otherwise it will spend its life fulfilling the basic desires.

The mother should be given whatever she wants during this period except perhaps those that are harmful for the fetus.

Constant sleeping in her back

Always the mother is advised to sleep on to her sides. If she constantly sleeps in her back, the cord attached to the umbilicus of the fetus gets twisted around the neck.

Normal painless delivery

If the mother is at peace during pregnancy surrounded by happy people and thoughts. Also consumes sattvic food will have a normal delivery without pain.

I know 2 friends who have delivered normally without pain. It is possible even today.

This books also describes about the attendants. The mother should be accompanied by a lady attendant. It goes to the extend of giving details as to what are the qualities the attendant has to posses. For eg. if the mother has delivered a male child the attendant should possess a male child and should be free from any jealous etc.

The mother and child should be greeted by friends and relatives with gifts to keep them happy.

It also tells various mantras to be recited at various stages.

The mother is given a light (pathiya sapadhu) food after delivery. As there is so much loss of body parts and blood there will be lots of vata imbalance i.e. wind gets occupied in this sudden empty space. To bring vata in balance all the vata balancing diet is prescribed. I advice the new mother to please listen to their elders and adhere to the diet. May be some of these practices appear superstitious and disturbing. Please put up after all motherhood teaches us lots of patience.

I remember my son never used to sleep all night. He will start sleeping in the morning around 4 am and my granny will be there in my room around 5.30 am waking me up to give some herbal preparation which has to be consumed before sunrise. I really used to get irritated but she will some how persuade me to have.

I wish I read this book before my kids and I would have really enjoyed the motherhood much better………………

Motherhood is wonderful. Enjoy every bit of it…..Career, multitasking, second income are also important these days. But I always feel we can take a break and enjoy this beautiful experience of life in peace……….



Some more information………………………………

Fertility period

The following is an extract from this site naturalfamilyplanning.htm

Natural family planning is based upon certain facts about a woman’s eggs and a man’s sperm:

  • a woman usually ovulates 14 days before her next period.
  • for example, if a woman has a regular 28 day menstrual cycle, counting the first day of her period as day one, then she will usually ovulate on day 14. If her cycle lasts 32 days, then she usually ovulates on day 18.
  • once ovulation has occurred, the sperm has only 24 hours within which to fertilize the egg in the woman’s Fallopian tubes.
  • sperm can survive for up to seven days following intercourse.

With this knowledge it now becomes possible to identify three phases of fertility during each menstrual cycle. However, if a woman’s cycle is irregular then clearly it is more difficult to predict when ovulation is likely.

The first phase is the first infertile phase, or the first safe period, when the woman is unlikely to fall pregnant. This starts on the first day of the woman’s period and ends on the earliest date from which sperm could survive long enough to fertilize the egg. This first safe period is short because sperm can survive for up to seven days after intercourse and a woman may ovulate early. Therefore, unprotected intercourse during this first phase may result in pregnancy.

The fertile phase is the time when a woman is most likely to fall pregnant. Couples not wishing to become pregnant, should avoid intercourse during this time or use other methods of contraception such as condoms. If pregnancy is desired then this is the time when a woman is most likely to conceive. The fertile phase lasts from the end of the first phase until 24 hours after ovulation.

The second infertile phase or safe period when a woman is less likely to fall pregnant is more predictable than the first phase. This phase lasts from the end of the fertile phase until the beginning of the woman’s next period.

This may not work sometimes. It is believed that period is related to the moon. Have a look at these links….twofertile.html,            two-fertile-times-per-cycle.html


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