Why no time for peace?


Day before, my husband woke up in the morning around 5.30 am.

I was surprised why he has got up so soon.

He sometimes joins me for yoga. I felt happy and made his coffee. I saw him changing his clothes and getting ready.

He told me that he is going for a yoga class. I said ” wow ! too good…go head”.

He came back and told me ” it is a yoga class conducted by a CEO of a company. He is doing it free for certain  executives. The class was too good. The CEO was mentioning in the class that he somehow persuades certain people to attend one of his classes so that they get motivated. But to his surprise many turn-up for the first class and they also tell him that they loved it, but never come back. Next time when they see him they quickly tell a “Namaste” and leave the place. Very clearly avoiding him”. He was asking these executives why is that so?

When my husband asked this question to me, I thought of the various reasons and decided to write an article about it.

Stop your work

The first step to do anything in life is to stop your current work for some time and spend some time each day to analyse what you want to do?

This stopping of work is possible only when we develop some sattvic qualities. But to develop these sattvic qualities we need time so we need to stop work. This is a vicious cycle.

How to do that ?

When I was doing my internship of my chartered accountant course, we used to stay in office even upto midnight on many days.

There was an article in our firm who used to leave the office sharp 6 pm irrespective of the work. I used to think – even if that person is holding a glass bowl (and the clock struck 6 ) he would just drop it and vanish.

There was an assignment for which I was assigned to do a particular division of a company and that person was assigned a different division.

When all the articles finished their work from the respective division, we all used to sit together with the manager for consolidation. We started to do this work after 5.30pm.

As usual our friend vanished when it was around 6.45 pm.

There was no mobiles at that time. Me along with an another friend finished all that persons work staying all night in office. I cribbed a lot to the manager so that he warns that person.

Actually, that person knows the subject well and does his work precise and leaves on time.

Though I am not well versed in the subject like that person, I was furious.

This incident was in my mind.

I got married – soon after my marriage I gave my CA final papers. Till the result I decided to take up a small job.

Even though it was a small job ( my definition of small job at that time was taking a job in a small company), I ended up staying very late. I found very difficult to manage the house and the job.

My results came and with GOD’s grace – I passed. I got a big job (big company).

I some how made up my mind that I am going to behave like my friend i.e leaving office on time irrespective of whatever happens. One side of my mind was reminding me that I am not too good with the subject like that person. Still decided to follow his path.

First, 2 months was training ; so easily -I was vanishing on time – nobody was noticing.

Later on, I continued the same thing some how.

Whenever my husband used to go on tour -I used to stay back and finish all the pending work. There was an another reason for it. I used to get even dinner in office after 9.pm.

If we work on holidays for 7 hrs or more we can claim a compensatory holiday.

I had to work on certain holidays during audits. But I used to go and finish my work and just leave. Never claimed my compensatory holiday.

To my surprise, my boss on his own approved 3 to 4 compensatory holidays even though I have not applied for it. I just thanked him with an email.

I even got a promotion in 10 months of my joining.

I was not very intelligent and just did my work on time.

At that time, I had a wonderful neighbour. She was a very admirable house wife. I love talking to her and learning all house management tips.

Many a times, I used to crib to her ” I don’t know how you keep your house well maintained, how do you have time for this and that etc”. She used to tell me ” Uma, stop doing your work and spend some time looking at your house – things would automatically improve”.

As I tried this in office and it worked and somebody is telling this again – I decided to try it even at home. Believe me it worked so well.

Irrespective of whatever happens make a conscious decision to stop work and relax.

May be for some days you will feel you are wasting time, feeling hyper active from inside and the mind reminding you your responsibilities – don’t bother.

Relax…Do whatever your innerself is telling. Say watch movies or cleanup or meet friends or just sit up in the balcony and look at the sky. Its perfectly fine.

Once you spend some time like this, your mind will guide you to some productive work; as you must have spent some thinking in peace.

May be you can even take off from your work and do it.

Try this and look for yourself the increase in your productivity! You will even find that some of your inner talents are coming out.

Then may be do some exercise in peace. Don’t do it as a duty. It’s perfectly fine even you don’t feel like doing it  on some days. Slowly slowly do it. It will become a habit.

Change your eating habits

Put some effort and change your eating habit to fresh food. I am not going to tell you the benefits. You will see it for yourself. Your change will bring a drastic change even in your atmosphere.


A person even with some sattvic mind cannot tolerate any mess. The more you live in a clean atmosphere the more you develop the sattvic qualities of mind.

First, clean up your purse and give room for some new money and see how it works?

Either you close your eyes and throw away all the unwanted things in your house and have a clean and simple house or take some help and keep it clean.

Enjoy doing it – don’t feel it as a burden.

You will notice tremendous improvement in your inner happiness.


After spending some time to dress-up your atmosphere, take out time and change your wardrobe and always dress-up pleasant – atleast; whenever you go out.

This will improve your confidence.

Remember the quote ” You are worth more than what you think”.

Never do or talk anything to impress others. Be natural.

Just do your duties happily on time – take help or any measure you feel is apt.

Spend good amount of your time reading some scriptures.

Enjoy your full 8 hours of sleep.

Stop all unnecessary disturbances 

Say I don’t see internet or Facebook in my mobile. I find it a temptation to see it again and again whenever I get a message. It spoils my peaceful time.This is an example – you find your own disturbance and stop it.

Self – realisation

Irrespective of how much ever I write or this CEO conducts classes we cannot draw everybody towards peace for the simple reason – “self – realisation”. Human beings are designed in such a way that we will be motivated to do anything only when we realise it on our own rather than somebody telling to us.

That is why on those days, nobody spoke about these things and allowed everyone to realise things on their own.

Then, why am I writing ?

On those days they had the time to look at somebody and learn. Nobody will teach -but will live as an example and the others by looking at them will lead a similar life.

Now we are having a hectic life that we cannot observe somebody and follow. We always want to achieve something and we never think others also have some good qualities.

Rather our mind is so agitated and we are just thinking of the things which others are having and wondering all the time as to why we are not having it? feeling depressed or jealous. To boost our self confidence we keep finding fault in others and thinking everybody and everything as an hindrance to our improvement. In turn discussing only about problems. The more we talk about problems the more we get problems.

Lets come to the point – why am I writing?

By creating an awareness, our mind will start slowly slowly to look for peace. This is how when we learn a new word in English we will notice many of them using it. We never payed attention to it before because we were not aware of it. Now we know it and we are paying attention to it.

All our efforts are to slowly slowly draw the attention by creating the awareness and knowledge…….

If you also put in some effort it will be faster……….

Relax…..learn first to stop your work……………….

Note : This does not mean that you become careless. I hope you will understand my point in a right way.


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