Mantra Meditation / Japam


Gayathri Mantra activates 24 spots

Meditation means stop thinking.

How to achieve this?

Think only about one thing for a certain period of time then may be we will reach the state of thought less ; Which will be like a deep sleep with little awake.

Then the next question is why do you want to do that?

To be happy.

We do all the things just for this one small word called happiness.

We are desiring something and once we get it – we are happy. Again we desire something else and we get that too and again we are happy.This goes on and on.

Say a baby is very happy with his mother’s milk. Later he wants some toys to play with in addition to the milk. When he becomes a child he is so fascinated in playing that he forgets even food. Later may be to cartoon and books. Then may be attracted to a girl. Then to a degree and job. Then thinks of a family. Family is done. Then for status. Then he thinks he need love so searches for his old friends…..this is on and on.

Some people are very happy with this. But many may be greedy want a permanent happiness and satisfaction. To achieve this we need to be without desires. Say the child is unhappy if he does not get the toy that he wanted. He is desiring for it. Once he gets – he is happy because for a moment he is not having any desires. Again he gets a desire and he is unhappy. So it is important to train the mind not to ask for too many desires at a time.

How to train the mind?

The answer is mantra meditation.

Let me tell a story…There was a poor person. He felt very hungry checked all over the house and found Re.1. He was excited that he could buy something and have. He went to the market to see what he could buy with this Re.1. He saw a man selling a lamp for Re.1. He was curious and asked the person “this lamp looks new and I am sure it is worth more. Why are you selling it for a rupee”? The man said “You are right. This is the real Aladdin magic lamp and a genie comes out and gives what ever we want. But if we keep the genie idle it will take what ever we have. I am finding it difficult to give jobs so I want to get rid of it”. By hearing this poor man was so happy. He said “I have nothing and can ask him everything and I am sure I will give him enough jobs”.

He took the lamp home and asked the genie to give some food. Just with the click of his fingers the huge dinning table for a king appeared with all kinds of food. The poor man sat down to eat. The genie said “Sir, tell me the next job”. He didn’t allow the poor man to eat and asked for more jobs.

The poor man didn’t have any choice and asked for a house, wife etc….Everything came with the click of fingers and again the genie was asking for jobs. This man didn’t know what to do? He knew a saint and thought he could find a solution. He asked the genie to take him to the saint. With the click of the fingers they were before the saint. The poor man told his story. The saint told something in his ears. The poor man was happy hearing it.

He asked the genie to bring a long pole. The genie got it. Asked him to fix it on to the ground and told him to climb up and down till he gave the next job.

He was free to eat and enjoy the wealth. Whenever he wanted, he called the genie and asked for something and again he was sent back to the pole. By climbing up and down the genie became tired and slept.

Similarly, our mind is the genie. So far there is work it is fine. The moment it is free it will think of a desire and take all the peace that we have. (I have mentioned this story in my other article about mind

So the mind need to be put in one thought / action so that it feels tired.

This mind is affected by the action of all the senses. Of them sound plays a major role. Mind easily gets tamed with sound.

I can give an example. If we are in the temple and thinking of something and somebody rings the bell, then immediately our thought vanishes.

Example 2 : In temples when they do AARTHI they ring the bell so loudly that we cannot think of anything but to concentrate on the idol. All these are methods to make the mind concentrate on one thing.

The best and the simple practical way is mantra meditation.

It is believed that the sounds of the mantras affect the energy body in turn affects the mind. It is a powerful tool to control the mind.

There are 100’s and thousands of mantras. Which one to choose is a confusion? Each mantra solves a different purpose. There are mantras for healing, changing karma etc.

But for meditation purpose Gayathri Mantra is the best. Why because – you will understand it once you know the meaning. It goes like this,


[Who you are everywhere (you refers to the cosmic consciousness) in the physical world (BUR – earth), in the astral world and in the heaven]


[You who are radiant / divine light.]


[May we also attain the light]


[Help in meditation. Bring us to wisdom (intellect) and help us in meditation]

With this meaning it is very clear that this is the best mantra for meditation.

So we have decided the mantra.

Then when we sit down to do it – the mind will find a suitable excuse to stop it. So it is very important to pre-decide the time. How long we need to do it?

In this case, we can use a japa mala. It has 108 beads. So we can decide to do half a mala or one full etc. In this way the Ego will help us to achieve as it. As Ego never accepts defeat.

Normally, japa mala will have 109 beads and it is said that we should never cross the 109 th bead (meru) i.e when we finish 108 go in the reverse order and do it once again.

In this way we can fix the time.

If you are too rest less may be do some yoga and do the meditation or may do a small pooja and do the meditation.

Don’t think too much about the meaning of the mantras etc.

An innocent child reaches the GOD quickly than a wise man.

But even while doing the mantra the mind can think of something. To avoid that we can visualise some images like om…..

Or we can write or take a print out of the mantra in big fonts and look at that ( if we are bad at visualising).

Just look at the word of the mantra. After some day try not to look at the paper but to visualise the words.

May be initially do it loud. Then slowly slowly do it gently – then only inside yourself.

These repetitions of the mantras will give us some inner powers.

Slowly slowly we can go to the thought less state.

Our ancestors know that it may not be possible on a daily basis by many. So they appointed an auspicious day to recite this mantra for 1008 times. This is on the day after AVANI AVITTAM, the men will sit and do this recitation. Even if you have missed this daily; atleast catch up once a year.

If we follow a rhythm then it is not boring and again rhythm is not important the words and the pronunciation is important. The rhythm will make the chanting interesting (some feel that using a rhythm and reciting loud is a sin).

Why this is only for men?

The mind of man is generally rajasic and he is exposed to the outside world so he needs some taming of the mind.

Women by nature are satvik. In those days, they were not exposed to the outside world and temptations. They used to live a very disciplined life style. They also did lot of physical work. So there was no need to tame their mind.

The other reason was, if the women recites the mantra they will enter into the spiritual path very quickly because they are already leading a disciplined life. If they encourage women then they may not be interested in the family life and kids. Just for this reason women were not recommended to do this japam. Once after menstruation is over, they were allowed to do japam.

But today’s situation is different. Women are exposed to the outside world equal to men. With more exposure and more intellect their menstrual cycles are affected and the infertility problems in women are increasing. So it is not wrong for today’s women to do mantra meditation (if the mind is agitated) or they can start it after planning a family.

When there is a restriction – there will be some reason.

There are so many other methods of meditation which women can adopt.

Enjoy your Mantra meditation and see the difference in you……………..



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