Grow up from the blind rituals



Lord krishna’s birthday is celebrated as krishna jayanthi.

Krishna represents the God of happiness. He is one of my most favourite god from childhood. I am sure this is true with many; because as a child we are fascinated by his stories and leelas.

This year I decided to celebrate krishna jayanthi with the help of my kids.

On this day, it is a tradition in South India to draw the feet of krishna believing that he is coming from the door way and entering the pooja room and eating all that is offered to him.


In my sons school, they painted his feet and printed it on a piece of paper. With that idea – we cut the foot prints and coloured. My kids were very excited to see these on floor.

Then we decorated the pooja. It is a tradition in North India to keep a swing for the lord and all of them will pray and swing it. Thinking that the wish will come true.


My kids made this kolam with my help and moulds.

Last but not the least – naivedyam. No festival in India ends without food.


For the yummy recipes check out this site gokulashtami-krishna-jayanthi.html.

Now lets us understand, what is prayer? why – so many festivals and rituals in India?

Prayer – Means thinking of God (super power).

Then the next question is why do we need to think of God?

As per Bhagavad Gita, there are predominantly two kinds of people in this world.

  1. Who are successful but less happy / peaceful.
  2. Who are peaceful  / happy but less successful.

How to combine the two and bring dynamism and peace together?

Krishna suggests that those who are able to keep their mind and intellect in the superpower and do the actions with the body will be able to achieve this.

As it was difficult for many to bring the mind to god consiousness, the ancestors decided to plant the god where ever the mind went.

Say a business man- who is always interested only in money; How to bring his thoughts to God? They made a goddess of wealth named Lakshmi – so that it is easy to draw his mind.

Human beings will easily get entangled in the daily routine. To remove them from the mundane; they created so many festivals and rituals and made them think of GOD.

These festivals and rituals are the first step towards the introduction of GOD. Say by this way it was easy for me to convey to my kids that there is a super power existing.

But it will be foolish if we are going to perform these rituals for a life time and thinking that we are reaching heights in spirituality.

This is the first step but we need to grow up from this and move forward.

I have seen women at the age of 70 making these foot prints and thinking that they are sincere in following the  path of self realisation.

Unfortunately, this is the first step and they are struck throughout their life there. They are actually not doing prayer but beggary. They pray to god to fulfill all their wishes (I am not telling this. It is said in the upanishads and also quoted by Swami Parthasathy in Vedanta Treatise).

Now, what do we do after this first step? How do we grow spiritually?

Why can’t we read Bhagavad Gita on this auspicious day to find out the answer.

Definetively, I am not saying rituals are useless. There are important initially. Say it is like this – When I was in my second standard I studied that  sun rises in the east. In fourth standard I studied that sun is not moving and the earth is revolving around the sun. It doesn’t mean that what I read in second standard was wrong. At that age that was the understanding so it was right. In fourth standard, I was little grown up so could understand a better explanation.

Similarly, rituals are important as a first step and definitively it will not lead to higher path of spirituality.

We really need to grow up and get away from the blind rituals…………………

Note : All the scriptures give the solution to grow spiritually and balance dynamism and peace.

KRISHNA JAYANTHI – 2013 – Pictures













IMG_7034IMG_7024 IMG_7027 IMG_7030






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  1. Lovely article uma.. just missed reading your blog for some time and am catching up now.. Yes Gokulaashtami is a very close festival to all our hearts. Just rightly said, starting with rituals and festivals we can introduce the super power to our children but realisation of the super power comes with great efforts. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

  2. I love the tanjore painting you have made. The garlands offered to god are very beautiful. I like the fact that you have decorated the whole pooja room. I am impressed that you have involved your kids. Your kolam is good. I think you can collect pictures of your kolam and blog it. Also share how you mave batter for kolam. Awesome decoration overall.

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