One solution to all problems


What are the problems ?

  1. How to improve the productivity?
  2. How to manage the stress?
  3. How to be happy?
  4. How to lead a healthy life?
  5. How to have better relationships?
  6. How to make clear decisions?

These are the basic problems of humanity.

Before answering these questions – let us understand why each individual is different!!!!

It is believed from the vedic times, there is a god element in all of us; which is neverchanging and constant. This is called the self / soul and it is the same in everybody.Then why all human beings behave differently?

In addition to the soul we have the mind, intellect and body.

This mind has 3 qualities i.e some times it is lazy (tamasic), sometimes it is very active but less peaceful (Rajasic) and otherwise very dynamic and peaceful (satvik).

All human beings possess different permutations and combinations of these mind set. Say some will be very lazy and other will be dynamic etc. But, all of us will definetively have all the three states of mind. Nobody will be 100% with one state of mind. A brahmin is supposed to have 85% satvik mind, 10% rajasic mind and 5% tamasic mind.

The higher the satvik mind and lower the tamasic mind is a better combination.

Why should we have more satvik mind?

If the mind is calm the intellect (buddhi) works well. Also see my articles on intellect – Buddhi.

If the intellect is well developed and the mind is calm – our perceptions and understanding will be better. We will understand the situations well and will be able to decide better.

Many times, we must have  wondered why the other person is so silly and they don’t understand even the small situations.

The answer is the state of mind.

Unfortunately, all the activities in today’s world cater only to the rajasic and tamasic activities.

This might give a kick and pleasure in the beginning it will lead to unpleasant feelings and negative emotions later.

All these are temporary. We keep looking for new desires / acqusitions. We acquire it and enjoy it and in the process we acquire many more desires and the life just goes on……..

Are we not bored of these? most of us are not….but many are…they feel some kind of incompleteness in their life and they want to know something better.

This kind of feeling happens to people who don’t accept things as it is. Say, relationship they cannot accept – it is like that. They want to change things and want only happiness. They are people who don’t just like to talk about problems but find solutions.

If you see the majority, they like to talk only about problems. Say, about the spouse, kids etc….when given any suggestions they will tell 10000 excuses why it cannot be done. But, will not put in any effort to bring in a permanent change rather will cater to the EGO of each other by pleasing them with their behaviour.

Suppose, somebody is complaining that they are not productive and they are confused. If you tell them it is because of your mind set. Please indulge in satvik activities so that you feel better and your productivity will improve.

They will say fine; what should I do? If we say getup early in the morning. Plan your day well and be organised etc. That person will for sure tell so many excuses why he cannot get up early. Only very rare cases will say – I will try and see whether it works.

Only solution to be fit and manage the life better it to possess a satvik life style.

If we follow the satvik lifestyle – the mind will be calm and our understanding and perceptions will change.

For having a calm mind we need a fit body. If we are having a fit body then only the mind will think of the other aspects of improvement. Otherwise, it will spend all the time to have good body.

So exercise is important. With exercise we cannot calm the mind. Even though we are in the gym/ yoga class – the mind is revolving somewhere outside. It is possible.

But mind can control the body. If we are hungry and sat down to eat. Suddenly, a phone comes and there was a news that your loved one died. Your hunger is gone immediately. Few minutes back you wanted to eat and feeling hungry.

Suppose you lost your finger even then you will feel hungry.So the mind can control the body. But body cannot control the mind. Exercise is important to have fit body but not to calm the mind.

If we have a fit body then the mind will start thinking about other things.

Once the mind is concentrated (more satvik) then fitness will not be a priority. As a calm mind will also take care of the body. But human body is a machine so it requires some maintenance in the form of exercise.

So, the first step for better efficiency is exercise and fit body.

Then, the next step is to have an objective and be organised (read my article on intellect – buddhi part 2   to understand how an objective can control the mind).

All the scriptures talk about having the objective to find what is GOD? i.e the self and soul within us. But it is difficult to have this as an objective initially. We can have smaller objective and then slowly slowly build on it. We will feel contended only when we know what is this self ? As this is the purpose of human life.

To be organised we need to be clear with our duties and do it happily ( this is what is stated as karma Yoga).

Once, we have established a fit body, better objective and understanding the duties ; we will be a better organised person.

In this process, our understanding and perceptions will change and all our relationships will improve. The stress levels will be less. Our productivity will start to increase.

Then, the next step will be to lead a satvik lifestyle. We need to be awake at the satvik time to possess the satvik quality of mind.

First let us get up early. May be spend the morning in the way you like it. Slowly slowly start to read the scriptures. This will clear the conceptions and perceptions.

The soul or the god within is a witness to our actions. The more we do the satvik activities the self will improve its role from a witness and will give us a push.

We will be efficient and excel in all areas of work. Our multitasking ability will improve.

This (satvik lifestyle) is the only solution to all kinds of problems.

But, we will do and talk about everything else other than doing these things.

Give it a thought; stop talking about problems. We know the solution. Just start acting……………

Point : Solution to all problems :

Step 1 : Fit body.

Step 2 : Having an objective.

Step 3 : Understanding the duties and being organised.

Step 4 : Satvik activities.

Step 5 : Only happiness.


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