Step 1 – Fit Body


Fitness is not about how you look – It is about how you feel.

First read my article – One solution to all problems. In that I have mentioned 5 steps. This article is about the first step.

Fit body means a flexible body.

The body is called the Anamai kosh ( food body). Predominantly our body is made up of the food we eat. If we are fat or obese – it very clearly shows our food habits.

The next important step to keep the body fit is the exercise.

There are people who will eat anything they want and they will exercise for hours to burn all the calories. Even though they look fit with a perfect body. The extra food will create a great impact on the mind.

There are also people who are having a well maintained body irrespective of their diet. So these people think they are fit and they hardly exercise.

All these combinations are wrong. It will either affect the body or mind.

So we need to eat healthy food and do some simple exercises on a daily basis to maintain the machine called body.

What is healthy food?

  • Freshly cooked vegetarian food.
  • Cooking methods are important.
  • Say if we cook rice (plain without salt) it is not gassy. If we make a pulao with vegetables and spices it is gassy. That is why in a pulao we add to many spices to make it digestable.
  • Cooking dal plain and giving a tadka is healthy. Cooking the dal with the spices is not healthy.
  • All tamasic food need to be avoided eg. all fast food, icecream, pizza, burger, cakes, frozen food, processed food, reheated food, left over night food etc.

It is very difficult to be healthy if we eat improper food / unhealthy food.

Suppose, we have adopted the healthy diet. We are also looking healthy, then do we need to exercise?

The answer is a BIG YES.

The exercise is done to maintain the body. It is not only for weight reduction.

Over exercising is not at all good. So we can start a simple walk. Not too brisk. A simple yoga at home (I have recommended a yoga CD in my article on yoga).

Say jogging and workout in the gym is also a healthy exercise. Suppose a person has not been exercising regularly and suddenly he realises that exercise is good and heads for jogging or gym; then it is not good. Slowly slowly. First start with a regular walking habit. Then include simple yoga. Then may be once your stamina is built – you can jog etc.

Any sudden change is a toss to the body. Though exercise is healthy if we start it all of a sudden it will create imbalance in the body. We will not be able to do it for a long time.

The same applies to eating habits. It is good to move to healthy eating. But slowly slowly. Normally, when comes to healthy eating people generally reduce the quantity they eat. Which is not good. Eat as much as you feel comfortable. Slowly slowly you can reduce.

If you are a over weight person –

  • First you need to feel the importance of healthy food and exercise.
  • It should not be imposed on you.
  • Don’t feel the pressure.
  • Go for a slow walk…slowly slowly do a brisk nice walk (not over brisk).
  • Incorporate the healthy eating habits.
  • Sleep on time.
  • Normally you will be a tamasic person (lazy). Nothing wrong – accept it. From lazy things move to doing things which are relaxing, say instead of watching a movie read some spiritual book or listen to some bhajans etc.
  • I am sure if you follow this happily and with consistency. Soon you will be a perfect figure.

The same thing applies to all body types….healthy food and exercise. But slowly slowly and most important happily.

Note :

  • My grandmother used to follow a very strict satvik food. But she will be so rigid with the rules all the people around are annoyed. Don’t do that. Say you are following a healthy eating habit and your friend bakes a pizza or a cake for you. Please enjoy it. But make a rule that you will not indulge very regularly. Say going to somebodies house or on a holiday; relax the rules. We should follow rules without annoying others and torturing us. It should come from within.
  • Is doing all the work at home is a good exercise? It is a good exercise provided you feel good about doing it and enjoying every bit of it. Suppose you are sweeping and mopping with lots of effort and unhappiness. It will do no good. It will only take your energy and make you feel tired.
  • After a good exercise you should feel fresh and rejuvenated and not tired.
  • Normally, people think if they don’t have any medical problems then they are fit. Not necessarily this is true. I am for sure can say that they will have a disturbed mind. Exercise is important for everybody.
  • There can be exceptions who are fit in body and mind ( may be born sankarachariyar 🙂 )
  • Too many small meals is not healthy.
  • People with too much of rajasic and tamasic mind will not be able to follow rules. They need to indulge in satvik activites and change the mind and slowly slowly do the exercise and diet.
  • The best time for exercise is morning upto 10 am.

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