Step 2 and Step 3 – Objective – Duties – Organised


How to get organised for revision

Please read my article on one solution to all problems and step 1 – Fit Body.

Here we are addressing to Step 2 – Having an Objective and Step3 – Understanding the duties and being organised.

Step 2 -Having an objective

Why should we have an objective?

The purpose of having an objective is to keep the mind in control.

The mind can think about 2 things at a time. Actually, it can wander about many things one after the other.

Normally all scriptures say that keep the mind in God consciousness and do the actions. This will bring in dynamism and peace.

Most of us think -this is not possible.

An example will make it clear. Suppose a sportsman has a match in the evening. He will wake-up – brush, have  bath, break fast etc. He will follow all the routine but the only objective in his mind is the evening match.

Similarly, we have to have an objective in the mind and continue to do the activities. Then the productivity increases.

But there are people who will have an objective but will get agitated as they are not able to fulfill it and with this agitation they will not be able to do the daily routine.

This situation has to be avoided. Have an objective. Say, initially to start off -it can be like “I need to exercise”. Mostly you will finish it in the morning and it will give a sense of satisfaction and your productivity throughout the day will be more.

Say, if by chance you are not able to exercise – Don’t blame anybody or blame any situation or don’t feel unhappy about your inability to carry out your plans. Slowly slowly try again – it will happen.

Normally, people with more tamasic or rajasic mind will find it difficult to go as per plan or many a times there plan will be very unreasonable.

Then, develop some part of the day for some satvik activities. This will improve the mind set and you will be able to follow the plans.

The objective can be as simple as cleaning the wardrobe or to do a pedicure. Slowly slowly increase it. Remember if you cannot do it don’t blame yourself or anybody or any situations; try the next day. No hurry.

In this way, very soon you will notice that your mind is not wandering so much as before. You are focused.

This should not be confused with the mentality of a rajasic person. A rajasic mind person will think of the next job while doing the work. In turn, they will not be productive in the present work  and cannot take up the next job as the previous one is not over.

Such people should do some satvik activities and reduce the work load for the day. They should learn to stop the work. If efforts are put – nothing is impossible. Even if there are failure of actions – never mind try again.

All of us normally have the whole day packed with activities. We normally have an objective but we find it very difficult to carry out. Because we didn’t clearly plan as to when we should do that? First step to carry out any plan would be stop some regular activity and give time for the objective work that we want to carry out.

I am writing all this – so many people ask me how do you do all this? frankly, I cannot follow my objectives 100%. There will be situations which will take my time and  I am a human being so many times I just want to relax doing nothing. All these will happen. But keep trying and have a clear objective. See the improvement in the focus.

One more example, initially I used to have some objectives on weekends. Weekends are actually for the family. Even after knowing this -I will keep some objective and will fail to achieve them ; obviously unhappy. Now, I don’t keep any specific objective on weekends. Only thing I do is not to blame anybody for whatever happens. Normally, in weekends I blame the situations and people for my inefficiency. This is the only objective I keep for the weekends and I am fulfilling it – I am very happy.

The point is don’t have objectives which you cannot carry out and feel low. Start with simple achievable objectives to boost your self confidence.

Don’t have objective tied with others. Say I will exercise with my spouse – In this case there are more chances of failure. Try to do it yourself.

Understanding the duties and being organised

What is duty ? Duty is referred as karma in scriptures.

The duty of the student is to study. They have to do it with happiness and ease. They should not think -” why I need to study so much ?”.

If they enjoy what they study then the results will be good.

This is applicable to all duites.

I am a house wife. What is my duty? To run the family well. There will be so much of work load. If I am going to crib and cry why nobody else is bothered and I am the only person who has to do so much work etc. Then, no solution. I can manage to the extend possible or take some domestic help or do anything but it is my duty to run the family.

Normally, it is human nature to remind others about their duty -forgetting how efficient are we in carrying it out.

Take a oath not to remind others duties by pin pointing their in abilities. Just do your duty happily.

But of course you will have to face people who will do this to you even though you are not doing it. It is difficult to ignore them. But, eventually when your efficiency is increased – people will automatically reduce these comments.

When you are conscious of these, even though you are unhappy with people remarks – you will recover soon and will learn to ignore. As your aim is only self development.

Everyday, I want to exercise and read or write something. But, it is not possible regularly. Of course, I will feel unhappy that I am not able to do what I want to! I keep reminding myself – the most important thing I need to do is karma yoga (doing my duties happily).

There are also people who will argue saying – ok I will do my duties happily; I don’t want to do anything else. I feel this is not right. We need some progress in life. Self development is the solution.

Doing the duties happily is important.

For this we need to be clear what is our duty?

If we are going to take up all kinds of duties – it is difficult to manage.

Understand and judge your potential and take up only so much of task that you can handle. Slowly slowly you can increase with the increase in productivity.

If you are a rajasic (very active) or tamasic (lazy) – the productivity will be for sure low. You need to improve the mind set to improve the efficiency.

Getting organised – Suppose, you are late for your work and the boss questions ” why are you late?”. You might say ” Sorry, I got late” then add on saying ” there was heavy traffic”…finally ” I got up late”.

The point is don’t give excuses for your disorganized work. Go to the root cause – think and find solutions and be organised.

Unfortunately, people with rajasic and tamasic mind cannot think of solutions they can only talk of problems and blame situations and people.

Develop the satvik mind to be an efficient and organised person.

I have insisted so many times about satvik mind. So that all of you will give it a thought and start something, somewhere….I guarantee this little something will lead you to great heights….just start…………………..

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