Step 4 – Satvik Activities


Please read my article one solution to all problems, step 1 – Fit Body, Step 2 & 3 – Objective, Duty, organised.

This is step 4 – Satvik Activities

Satvik person is one who is able to keep the mind focused in one activity.

To develop this quality we need to clear the concepts and lead a disciplined life to control the mind.

We are responsible for our life. In other words, the mind is responsible for our life.

If we learn to control the mind – we have learned to control our life.

Vidhiyai mathiyal vellalam – Tamil (we can change destiny through our thoughts).

Disciplined life

Morning time from 2 am to 6 am is considered as satvik time.

To start off, it is recommended to wake up early.

This is possible only if we have some satvik nature.

If you are waking up in the morning because you are not able to sleep. Then, definitively this is not satvik nature. Given a choice you can sleep well but you are forcing yourself to get up. This shows that you have satvik nature.

Second test can be, What is that you will do when you are alone?

  1. Will you feel happy to have a spare time for yourself?
  2. Will you feel lonely and unhappy?

If the answer is number 1 – you have satvik nature. If the answer is number 2 – you don’t have satvik nature – of course it can be developed.

Test 3 – You have bought a show piece which you have been longing for a long time. You have kept it somewhere and it is broken by a child at home.

  1. You might scold the child. But later forget it.
  2. You will feel unhappy and will keep talking about the incident. How much you liked and it is broken. From now on – you will decide to be careful etc.

If the answer is number 1 – you have satvik nature. If the answer is number 2 – you don’t have satvik nature – You have lots of attachment and normally you will be a curious person to know about others and inturn will think “you are a caring person” or socialising well.

My intention is not to make anybody feel guilty – this is just to show where you stand.

Irrespective of wherever you are – you can improve.

Read the scriptures and clear the concepts in your mind -which you have accumulated because of your situations / perceptions and experiences.

We all believe that these are correct. Unfortunately, most of it are not well understood.

The most important concepts are faith, non attachment and self confidence.

In addition to this we need to understand the value system and correct our bhava  – sanskrit (our gesture for the internal feeling).

Many a times we will think good but gestures may not convey the same thing. This needs to be corrected.

There are so many people especially in the south who wakeup in the morning and doing the satvik activities like pooja, visiting temples etc. But completely rajasic or tamasic. Why is this so?

This is because they are following the lifestyle blindly. Without understanding the importance of mind.

So just by doing the satvik activities we will not be able to achieve the satvik mind. We need to get the knowledge and clear the concepts at the same time.

Once we realise the strength of the mind the life will change.

Ultimately, once you have developed the satvik nature these rules of disciplined life will not be an effort it will be natural.You will be wanting to do more.

Just blindly following these disciplines will lead you no where.

So disciplined life with some study of scriptures will give a satvik mind.

If you are in a satvik atmosphere then also you will develop a satvik mind. So for people who cannot discipline themselves should visit some yoga ashrams or the vedanta acadamy. To get the feel.

Without a satvik mind we cannot have a peaceful life. A satvik person is dynamic and peaceful. Normally this is confused with renunciation.

As per scriptures, a person should not run away from duties and lead a renounced (giving up something) life. What it means is to enjoy everything without attachment it is not talking about giving up.

This is insisted by Sankarachariyar. He has given a commentary to Bhagavad Gita. He started preaching” don’t leave home -practice non- attachment”. There was a time with the influence of Buddha lots of Hindus were leaving home and taking sanyasa (sadhu). It is because of Sankarachariyar – today we are all Hindus and leading a family life.

Start reading scriptures……..your life will change……………..

Note : whatever I have written is not my own words. All these are given in Bhagavad Gita. I will soon be elaborating the content of Gita (just to motivate people to study). I am not an authority of any scriptures. This is my understanding. Please do your own analysis and confirm.


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