What is this Productivity?


We always wonder ” how somebody is able to do so much work?”, “How can I become more efficient?” etc.

I will answer these questions with an example.

Let us assume that there are 3 persons naming X, Y and Z.

X is a Tamasic mind person. Which means the quality of mind is lazy.

Y is a Rajasic mind person. Which means the quality of mind is very active.

Z is a Satvik mind person. Which means the quality of mind is dynamic and peaceful.

All three of them have to finish the household activities in the morning like cooking, cleaning, washing etc.

Let us presume that there experience, abilities are equal.

The equipment used for doing the work is also same and assume that they are living in the same building in different apartments with same area. Assume that everything is similar.

The person X because of the tamasic nature of mind will think ” oh my God – this is lot of work. I can’t do it. The idea of doing the work will make the person tired”.

The person Y because of the rajasic nature of mind will quickly start the work. But so many things will come in the mind – like;  I need to pick my child, oh! it is time for the news – let me hear the headlines, it is so and so’s birthday – I need to wish that person etc…one after the other. Though started the job – nothing is finished. There is mess all over.

The person Z because of the satvik nature of mind will do the job perfectly and peacefully.Presume that Z finished all the work in 1 and half hours.

The X and Y will look at Z and will say some excuse -like; may be the mob was better or may be the marble is of a good quality.

X and Y will decide to take a domestic help or to buy some sophisticated equipment to make the job easy.

Even if they have a maid – are they going to be productive in whatever other work they take up? The answer is a BIG NO.

Even if they buy the sophisticated equipment for doing the task – Again the X will feel lazy to get up and use the equipment and Y will have 10000 things to do. The same story.

The point  : Whatever be the situation and facility you have – you can be productive if you have a satvik mind set. The equipment we need to change is within ourself.

Another example from the epic : Once Krishna and Naradha were walking in a desert. Krishna felt thirsty and asked Naradha to fetch him a jug of water.

They were in the border of the desert.In 15 minutes away- there was a lake- in the near by village. Narada went to fetch the water.

In the village, Naradha saw a beautiful girl and fell in love. He married her and had two children.

Twelve years passed.

One day, the village was flooded. Naradha was wading in the water with his two kids on each shoulder and dragging his wife along.

Somehow, both the kids and his wife drowned.

He thought of krishna and ran to him.

As soon as krishna saw Naradha – he asked him ” Where is my jug of water?”

Naradha said ” I lost my wife and kids….”

Krishna repeated ” Where is my jug of water”.

Naradha got irritated and said” I am telling -that; I lost my family and you are bothered about the jug of water which you asked me 12 years ago”.

Krishna repeated ” Where is my jug of water”.

Here, the jug of water represents the purpose of your life. We can achieve this by having a satvik mind and it is not far – only 15 minutes away.

But we are so engrossed in the world that we forget the purpose. In turn, spend 12 years or more to do a job which could have been done in 15 minutes.

In the first example, if we ask the person X – will say that the household work is something which is impossible to do. If we ask the person Y –  will say that it is an elaborate task and never ending. If you ask Z – will say that it is part of life.

Whom will you believe – everything looks like an illusion (Maya). We will agree with person X; if our mind set is also tamasic. We will agree Y if our mind set is rajasic and so on.

So let us understand – What we need to change is not the situation or equipments. But the quality of the mind.

If the mind is peaceful and concentrated – the productivity will automatically improve irrespective of the skill you possess!!!!!!

Give it a thought……………………..

Note :

  • We can use the sophisticated equipment and have a satvik mind. Who is stopping us?
  • Normally, a person will have all qualities of mind. There will be a combination. Nobody is tamasic the whole day. In the example, we presumed a person with one quality of mind to put forth the point.

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  1. I really loved reading this article. It was great. By reading your articles , I am able to understand that I have the gift of god – Satvic mind.

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