Beetroot Salad



Beetroot Salad

Beetroot is very good for the liver. Natural detoxifier and blood purifier. It has so many nutrients which improves the immune system.

This salad is so tasty that even if you eat it daily you will not feel bored. It is very simple to make. Whenever any guest comes home – I make this for sure. Always people praise this simple dish.

  1. Grate one beetroot (Medium size).
  2. Add 2 tsp vegetable oil.
  3. Add mustard – 1/2 tsp.
  4. Add green chilli – 1 no. cut it into 2 to 3 pieces as shown in the picture. Use a less spicy version.
  5. Roast the chilli till the skin turns from dark green to light green. This is most important. This gives nice flavour to the salad.
  6. Add just 2 pinches of hing.
  7. Add curry leaves.
  8. Add this seasoning to grated beetroot.
  9. Add salt
  10. Mix well.

Note :

  • Salad helps in digestion. But salad in too much of quantity will take all the energy for digestion and we will not have any energy to work.
  • Eating too much of salad is gassy. Have little as a part of a meal.
  • In abroad, there is a community called raw food community. They eat only raw vegetables and fruits. They think that people in the caves eat raw food and live healthy. Unfortunately, they do not know that people in caves meditate for hours and they have lots of stored energy in the form of ojas and Tejas.
  • Normally, I have come across people – who eat tons of salad or people who just don’t eat salad. Both are wrong. Eat salad with every meal. But only 2 to 4 tbsp maximum.
  • In the same way we can also make carrot salad.

Mullangi/ Mooli/Radish Salad

Make in the same way as Beetroot salad. Only addition is raw sliced ginger. The flavour of ginger and mullangi goes very well. Choose tender ones for salad. This salad will be liked by every one.  Taste the mooli before making the salad. Don’t use the ones which has a very sharp pungent or bitter taste. In Delhi, during winter the market will be flooded with mullangi the red small and the white variety. Here, I get the best ones.

Cucumber Salad

Requires no explanation. Just chop cucumbers and the salad is ready. Have you tried chopping them thick as shown in the picture. Believe me taste a thin slice cucumber and a thick sliced cucumber the taste differs. If you slice it thick. The crunch will make you eat more.

Some days just slice tomatoes and have as a salad.

On a daily basis, I make these simple salads (Beetroot, carrot, radish,cucumber, tomato).


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