Potato Kari / Subzi


Potato Roast

Please have a look at my cheppankizhangu Kari for a detailed description. This is also done in the same way. The extra points to be noted are,

  • Select potato which has a thick skin for the kari / subzi. The ones which has thin skin is used for smashing say for aloo paratha. Look at the picture. These aloos are called the pahadi aloo or the old potato’s  Please don’t use the new ones. New ones also have a sweet taste.
  • Have a look at the picture above, the skin will peel in longer length and it is thick. These potato’s are firm.
  • If by chance you are not confident of adding the masala in the oil without burning. Just add one or 2 pieces of potato and add the masala on top of the vegetable and mix. Then add the rest of the potato’s.
  • The final result will be like this.It is also called Potato Roast. Steaming and tossing in the spices is the healthy way of making any vegetable.

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