Bhagavad Gita – Introduction


In the battle field of Kurukshetra – krishna is advising Arjuna .

What is that we want in life?

  1. Happiness.
  2. Success and dynamism.
  3. Peace.

Most of us will agree with these 3 points.

Now, how to achieve this?

I have been mentioning in the earlier articles,

  • We need a mind which is not fluctuating but concentrating in one thing.
  • We need a strong Intellect -which will enable us to make all the decisions without confusion.

If we possess these 2 qualities – we will be able to achieve the above 3 points.

How to achieve these qualities (Mind and Intellect)?

These days most of us are very intelligent. In the sense, we have a decent degree from a reputed university / college.

In the process of gaining this amazing intelligence we forgot to develop the intellect.

Which is the ability to decide?

When can we decide quickly and correctly?

When we know all the concepts (knowledge / information) and we are self confident that the knowledge is right. Then we will take decisions instantly and correctly.

If we see the most intelligent people. They will do lots and lots of research before doing any work / decision. They want to be 500% sure. Normally, this is understood as a very good quality in people. Unfortunately, they are doing this continuous research because they are unable to decide i.e their intellect is not strong to take decisions.

How will the intellect become strong?

If we are convinced that all the concepts and the value systems as per our understanding are correct.

Bhagavad Gita talks about certain concepts and value systems which are important to develop the intellect.

By reading the Gita we can see whether our concepts so far understood is right or wrong.

If we correct the concepts and know what is right – then the self confidence is increased and the intellect will also be strong and decisions will be made quickly and correctly.

The next question will be – How can this book give all the concepts? Does this have all the definitions? Is it an encyclopedia?

The answer is a VERY BIG NO.

This book talks about how to handle the mind and the different difficult situations in life. It says – if we know this – it means we know everything.

Have you come across people who will take quick and right decisions and will not bother after a decision is made. Normally, these people are considered as less intelligent and they don’t way the pros and cons.

Look at krishna, he decides with ease. Because his concepts are clear and he is self confident. So the decisions are quick and correct.

Have you seen people who will think so much before talking so that they can please others. But, believe me if we think, think and talk then we will not be able to please anybody.

Only when we talk instantaneously from the heart we can please others.

If the value systems are good, then even without thinking we will not utter wrong words from our mouth. All our actions have to come from within and it has to be good and nice. For which the concepts and the value systems have to be right.

Normally, our concepts and value systems are not correct. But we are thinking and talking / doing so that everything is correct and it pleases others. This is not possible with ease. It is possible with great stress. Only when it comes from within; anything can be done with ease. There is no question of thinking when it is coming from within.

I am not saying all the concepts that we possess are all wrong. Bhagavad Gita shows a mirror reflection of our self. We need to look into ourself to see where we stand? No one can judge us better than yourself.

If the concepts and value systems are understood – our actions will change, our behaviour will change. Even the most unintelligent fellow will do the right thing.

We can call Bhagavad Gita as a psychological book.

Because, Arjuna collapses in the battlefield when he looks at his relatives and teachers on the other side of the army. His limbs fail and his mouth is parched, body trembles and his hair stands on end. His bow slips, his skin burns all over, his mind whirls and he is not able to stand.

If we notice – these are the symptoms of a low blood pressure patient.

In today’s world, he will be given a pill and some glucose and will be asked to continue his duty.

But, Krishna the psychiatrist knows that it is a symptom in the body ; of the status of the mind.

So he treats Arjuna’s mind and makes him a cured patient at the end of the Gita. If we are relieved of the confusion in decision making and stress; then we will have amazing mind power which will enable us to  understand even the super power. This quality of mind is called the satvik mind.

There are so many people who will doubt the concepts that are explained in Bhagavad Gita. First thing – what we need is FAITH. We need to believe – may be this will have solutions for all our questions.

We need to believe – but accept it only after testing. Apply it in your life and watch. But we need faith and need to believe. Accept it only when it works.

Rabindranath Tagore has defined faith as ” Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark”. The bird is feeling and singing about the light when it is still dark.

If somebody is going to believe only when it is proved – then it is not faith. Faith is something which you believe that it will happen.

It is important to believe that this book will give answer to all questions.

Test it in your life.

There are so many scholars of Bhagavad Gita. They can recite the verses in and out.

A person is considered as a scholar of Gita (or knowledge) only when he applies it in his own life and understands the essence of it. Even after gaining such knowledge he is humble.

There are so many people who have read the Gita and are preaching / teaching all over the world. I am sure they have gone through the Gita whether Gita has gone through them is the question.

Note :

  • I am not saying that research is wrong. If we have the Intelligence and the Intellect – we will be able to decide quickly and correctly with little research. It is like this….Have you seen people who keep google for a long time and don’t find useful information. But there are people who use the same google and find the right information quickly. Why is that so?
  • IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE THE INTELLIGENCE. I have given it in bold. If we have the intellect then intelligence will also automatically develop but it is not true vice versa.
  • No decision is right or wrong. What is important is  – Peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one. – Rita Mae Brown. See this article of mine –3 D’s for Success

First lesson : We should hardly think. Everything should come from within. We need to change the concepts inside and not keep thinking to do the right thing.


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  1. A very timely piece of article for me Uma, it would be great if you can point to some books for beginners in English and Sanskrit. I wish to read the same. I love your style of writing, very simple and lucid without complicating things too much..I’m an ardent follower of your blog..please keep the articles coming…thanks..

  2. Thanks a lot……I wrote a email to you….i was wondering why u didn’t reply….never mind…..I am planning to write a whole article for your questions…I will give links of sites and books etc…I went to haridwar for a week…only today i have come back…soon i will post….feel good that u have lots of satvik quality….only people who have the qualities mentioned in the articles will appreciate the work….if we don’t possess these then we will believe these are wrong……so u are already in the right track…..

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