How important is fat in your diet?



Chutney Sandwich                                                                                Bread and Butter

Which is healthier?

Obviously, most of us will say “Chutney Sandwich is healthier”. As it has less calories when compared to Bread and Butter.

If I am going to say that the chutney sandwich is toasted on the tava by applying butter or ghee. Then, which is healthier?

Actually, both are equal.In the sense – both are brown bread, both are toasted, both has fat. Chutney sandwich can be called little more healthy because it is toasted with little ghee or butter when compared to the butter and bread.

Bread  – any kind of bread like chapati, paratha or normal bread is very dry for the stomach to digest. Always food that are NOT dry are easily digestable.

A toasted bread is better than fresh bread.

If we apply some butter or ghee – then the same bread becomes easily digestable.

If we apply some chutney on the bread – still it is not easily digestable. A fat is required to digest the starch.

So if we apply the chutney and roast in on the tava with some ghee or butter then it becomes easily digestable. Because we applied some chutney – we don’t have to use more butter – little is enough. As some moisture is obtained from the chutney.

How about some cheese on the bread? I would say a BIG NO to cheese. As it is fully processed and hard to digest. Instead, white butter or ghee is better.

Paratha and Butter

Roti with Ghee

Rava Ladoo

Besan Ladoo

Normally, people avoid these kinds of food as they have fat.

Fat is very important for our body and mental health. Brain is made up of Cholesterol.

Imagine we eating the paratha or roti or the besan ladoo (little ghee) without the fat. These will form a paste in our stomach. Give your child a besan ladoo with little ghee. The child will fall sick in 2 days. As besan will stuck to the stomach and it will take 3 to 4 days for digestion.

These fats help the starch to get digested better and these fats are required for the body.

So it is wise to eat the besan ladoo with Ghee. It will digest better. One besan ladoo full of Ghee is healther than the one made with minimal ghee. As per Ayurveda, a food is healthy – if it gets digested well. Normally, in today’s world -food with lesser calories is considered as healthy. This is not true. Easily and completely digestible food is called the healthy food.

People are eating roti without ghee. Then it is hard to digest.

If you are already a heavy person and don’t start eating ghee just because it is healthy. Such people should first reduce the weight and then slowly eat fat. They can dip the roti in a thin dhal or resam or soup and make it soggy and chew it well. This way it is easily digestable.

Fat is very important for the healthy body to function both physically and mentally active. It is unfortunate – if you are a person who has cholesterol or obesity. You will be forced to reduced fat. Without fat, the food will not get digested well. Less fatty food will lead to more craving. Such people will normally adopt for low cal foods. These are processed and very hard to digest. Same story and they can never reduce the weight.

Such people should always eat little juicy foods like semi solid. Do a lot of physical activity.

Slowly, slowly, start some fat in the diet and the digestion will become better. They will also start losing weight.

Even if you are eating rice – have atleast 1 tsp of ghee in it – so that it is easily digestable.

Fat is called Sneha or love in Sanskrit. Love is juicy and plump and it is never dry. We should remember this. Fat is very important to calm down. Healthy fat is considered as satvik say Ghee or white butter.

There was a time when I used to eat zero fat. Thinking of the calories all the time. Now, I am changed. I am understanding the need for fat to calm the mind and also for a healthy body.

Today’s world everybody is talking about low cal, zero cal and following the diet of the bollywood actresses. Do your own research and find out for yourself – How important is fat in your diet for a healthy living? It is important not to over do on fat. Reasonable quantity of fat is required. Reasonable quantity depends on person to person. Some people can have 4 tsp of ghee and still look good and healthy. There are some who can take only 1 tsp. Find your reasonable quantity yourself. Exercise. You will be a calm and healthy person.

Just don’t avoid fat……………………

Note :

  • Fat increases the digestive fire – in other words, improves the metabolic rate.
  • Fat is important at the same time freshly cooked food is very vital.
  • If we eat more starchy food then we need to include more fat for better digestion.
  • So it is wise to reduce the starchy food. But carbohydrate is very important.
  • We should not adopt a zero carb, high protein and fiber diet.
  • Especially women require more carbohydrate than men.
  • Good fat are Ghee or Olive oil or Sesame seed oil or coconut oil.
  • I recommend white butter than yellow.
  • When compared to pizza or burger or cake – paratha with butter or pori is very healthy. Healthy in the sense easily digestable (if had in reasonable quantity). I don’t know why most Indians these days don’t think twice before eating a pizza but will crib so much when a paratha or pori is made at home 🙂
  • Recipe for Chutney Sandwich.

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