Boondi Ladoo / motichur Ladoo


Boondi Ladoo

I got married and went to Mumbai. First year was my thala diwali – so celebrated in my mothers house with home made ladoos. For the next 3 years, we celebrated diwali but without home made ladoos. I felt incomplete. I could not imagine a diwali without ladoo and mixture.

Even though I was not cooking well at that time – I some how decided to make ladoos. I never had an internet connection at that time to verify any recipe. Just called my mother and asked for the recipe. As usual, she gave some vague recipe.

I borrowed the boondi making laddle from my friend and started to make. To my surprise, it came out very well.

I have narrated this story – just to motivate all beginners to try this wonderful recipe. You will not go wrong for sure. Unfortunately, people think it is a very difficult sweet to make. But it is very simple.

Ingredients :

Besan ( Kadalai mavvu) – 1 cup

Water – 3/4 cup

Ghee – 2 tsp

Sugar – 1 1/2 cups

Water for sugar syrup – 1/2 cup

Saffron – 1 pinch ( once I boldly added some turmeric. Nobody could make out and the colour was good. Just add little in case you don’t have saffron)

Cardamom (green)   – 3 to 4 cardamom powder them.

Cloves – 5 -6 nos

Cashew – broken into small pieces. As much as you like.

Oil – for frying.

Laddle for making boondi

Method :

  • Mix the besan , water and Ghee . This has to be a thick mixture. Use the right proportion of water. Mix it well without lumps.

  • Add sugar and water. Keep it in the gas stove in medium flame – till the sugar is melted. Then, bring the flame to sim (lowest flame).
  • I used 3 cups of besan and sugar was 4 1/2 cups so it took me about 20 minutes in low flame for a single thread syrup.
  • If you keep just 1 1/2 cups sugar I think it should take 5 minutes on low flame to get one thread.
  • If you have a candy thermometer it is 100 degree celsius.
  • To check one thread. Take few drops of sugar syrup in a plate. Allow it to cool and touch between fingers and open gently -it will form one thread. If it is half thread – one thread will get formed and will get broken. In one thread – it will be a thread and will not break. If we cook the syrup more then we will get 2 or 3 threads. For this recipe, we need one thread.
  • Or add a drop on a plate. It should not be watery and should form a small pearl.
  • Making this syrup in one thread is important.
  • Dissolve saffron in 2 tbsp of water. This water has to be boiled and cooled to luke warm. If we use cold water – there is a chance for the ladoo to get spoiled quickly. Some people add saffron to luke warm milk. It might spoil the ladoo’s faster. So, I prefer water.
  • Heat the oil  – the oil has to be hot. When you drop some batter- it should come up immediately.
  • Take the boondi ladle and add the batter and keep the ladle little close to the oil. Don’t keep it very high. Two – keep the flame in medium and not in sim while making the boondi. If you keep it in low flame all the boondi will get struck with each other.
  • Now tap the laddle with a spoon. You should not tap it in the centre of the edge of the laddle. Tap it near the handle for a round boondi. There are some recipes in which they have recommended a seive to be placed in the oil so that the boondi can be taken easily. It does not work well. All the boondi’s  are getting struck together. I recommend this way of putting it in the oil directly.Once the boodi’s are made. Keep it in low flame. Don’t cook till they are crisp. Cook till they are soft. If some batch gets crisp don’t bother. It will be fine. But, try to take soft. See I tapped by mistake in the centre of the laddle. The boondi’s are elongated. Never mind. Go head. Next batch we can make round ones.

  • once fried – take it and add it directly to the sugar syrup. keep mixing it.
  • Once all the boondi’s are done. Add the saffron water, roasted cashews,cloves, cardamom powder. Mix well and make the ladoo’s. Don’t grease the hand with water or milk. It will spoil the ladoos. If the sugar syrup is right – making ladoo’s is easy – not at all a task.
  • Allow it to cool and make ladoo’s when it is luke warm.
  • The final product.

Note :

  • What if you have made half thread syrup or made a two thread syrup? First thing, don’t worry. If it is half thread – the sugar syrup will be watery and you will not be able to make the ladoo’s and even if  the sugar syrup is more thick then it will become sugar crystals and again the same problem (cannot make the ladoos).
  • If it is a thin syrup and you have figured it out only after adding all the boondi’s. Just press with your hands and take out as much as boondi as possible and keep it separately. Then, the left over syrup (of course it will have some boondi – never mind) cook it for sometime till it gets thicker. Then add the boondi and make the ladoo’s.
  • If the syrup is very thick. Boil some water with few spoons of sugar nicely. Add little by little to the boondi mixture and bring it to some moisture so that you can make the ladoos. There are people who add milk to this. If you add milk – you need to consume in a day or two – otherwise, it will get spoiled.
  • If you use a laddle with small holes it will make motichur / motichoor ladoo’s. Same recipe. The difference is only the size of the boondi’s.
  • One viewer asked me the question – As to why is the sugar getting crytallised ? How can we avoid that?
  • After making the syrup, add 1/2 lemon juice. This is a natural stabiliser. It will not allow the sugar syrup to crystallise. But, after adding the lemon juice – we should not reheat the syrup. If we reheat – it will be sour. So, ensure that you have reached the one string syrup and then add the lemon juice. I always add lemon juice. I forgot to add this point. It is good that the viewer asked this question – I could update this point.

2013 Deepawali ladoo.


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