How to organise your Kitchen?


Who can design the kitchen better – an interior designer or you?

It is the dream of every lady to have a well organised kitchen. I feel only the person using it – can design it very well.

But – how?

I am sharing some tips to get organised.

I have a modular kitchen. Initially, this cupboard (in the above picture) I was using as a crockery shelf near the dinning. And I used the built in modular cupboards for the kitchen things. I used to clean regularly – so it was in (some) shape. Always, there was ulad pulat (Topsy Turvy).

I saw some organising videos on you tube and decided to organise my kitchen.

First rule I learnt was – anything in the eye level can only be maintained clean. Unfortunately, my modular kitchen cupboards are either above my eye level or at the bottom (Where I need to bend down). This is a rented house – so I could not change the cupboards. I did some simple changes,

  1. Brought my crockery shelf from the dinning to the kitchen.
  2. Bought an open shelf.
  3. Bought a stainless steel wall hanging.
  4. Bought bottles of same sizes.

Then, removed everything from the kitchen shelves. Completely empty. One full room filled  with things. I decided to throw all the unwanted things. As I had the kitchen stuff in the kitchen, one crockery shelf and also some cupboards in the pooja room. Thought of keeping the kitchen things restricted only to kitchen. Soughed things which I was not at all like scooper, some slicer, designed ice trays, cookie cutters, apple cutter,plasic boxes (n number) etc.  The list can be for a whole page. Anything I didn’t use for the last 2 years – I decided to throw. Made a list of items required in the kitchen and started to organise.


The yellow lid ones are honey bottles which I collected over the years. The four small spice jars – I bought in IKEA (Hongkong). I am storing mustard, methi seeds , jeera and ajwain in the spice jars. Initial years of marriage – I had a craze for tupperware. The reason – even though I bought in different lot – they look similar.

Now – I want to say NO to plastics. So bought these glass bottles with silver colour lids. I am storing Sooji, Besan,Maida, Dhaliya, poha, Oats, cashews, kasuri methi, whole dhaniya, Jaggery. Whole redchilli (empty bottle), resam powder and sambar powder. In the tupper wares I am storing all the dhals. In the jam bottles – Dhaniya powder, Red chilli powder, jeera powder, Turmeric, garam masala, black pepper and hing.

The round box is my masala box (spice box). The ceramic jars are for tamarind and salt. At the back – I have kept all my empty boxes. The stuff inside keeps changing like some rice noodles, semiya or dry fruits etc.


In the last shelf – I store the papads, vadams, vathals and extra sambar masala.

In the draw – I store the non – similar looking boxes with mixed herbs,cornflour, basil, italian seasoning,pav baji masala, baking powder etc.Basically, which I don’t use on a daily basis.

All my beverages in one shelf – Tea, Green tea, Kanji powder (sattu), sugar,filter coffee powder, instant coffee and Boost. All labelled.

Snacks shelf

medicines, honey, olive oil, coconut oil, toothpicks….

In the shelves above eye level – I am storing things that I don’t use on a daily basis like bowls, beater, candy thermometer.

Another above eye level shelf – cups and bowls, idli maker,flask etc.

One open shelf is important in the kitchen to store pickles (my mother says pickles get spoiled when stored in closed cupboards  and I don’t keep it in the fridge), for making curd, casserole, cookers,mixie etc.


Tiffin boxes

Draw just below the gas stove.

Trays and one empty shelf .

These are the only daily use vessels. Of course some are in the washed vessel basket. Oils to the right. I use stainless steel containers for oils as it is easy to clean.

Other empty boxes, coconut scraper,coffee filter etc.

One Corner shelf where I keep my kitchen provisions that I shopped and yet to be refilled in the containers.

One more corner shelf where I have kept the extra idli maker, cooker, seive, murrukku press. This requires more cleaning.

One of the things I liked in this house is the huge twin sink. I always rinse the vessels and keep accumulating in one sink. The other one is free for working and  I wash the vessels when one sink is full.

one small sieve mesh for collecting the trash. This is very easy to clean.

All my plates, cups,glasses,eating spoons, knife, ghee for serving,small grater, scissors etc.

One useful tip –  is to have a stainless steel shelf on top of the sink to keep all the stainless vessels and kadai. Then there is no need for the vessel basket near the sink. We can wash and keep it on these shelves. One major job of clearing the vessels from the basket is saved. I could not implement this idea as it is my rented house.Some thing like this.

My Atta and Rice container with mixie jars and maid cups

My Gas stove. Four burners. I don’t feel the need for a micro wave. I have one but keep it inside. I also have an oven. Thanks to Ayurveda – I am hardly using these days. Didn’t have the guts to chuck.

Not using any cups or glass tumblers. Tired of breakage. Decided to be simple with stainless steel. Advantage of living in Delhi – I can be a typical south Indian. My guests love these cups.

Always buy square or rectangular containers – they occupy less space. Round ones are not a good idea.

La-belling – one thing in my kitchen appreciated by my mother’s (yes, including MIL) : )

Labelling is important to have an organised kitchen. We might clean and everything will look good. To maintain labelling is required. The boxes will come to the right place after cleaning if labelled. Even your husband can manage the kitchen (even enters once in a while).

My most favorite only accessory in the kitchen.

This is not the only way to organise the kitchen. This is just an idea to motivate for cleaning. Of course, you are the best interior designer for your own kitchen.

All the best – get organised…………………

Note :

  • Just cleaning and arranging things will not make the kitchen organised. It is very important to get away with unwanted things and make a conscious decision not to accumulate.
  • Vessel management is an important task in kitchen. In my mother’s house, all the family members will have separate plates. All of them will wash in the sink near the dinning table and keep it in the kitchen. The kitchen sink will only have cooking vessels. All the eating vessels are considered as juta or echal or unhygienic to mix with cooking vessels. In the previous house, I had a separate wash basin. I kept the dishwasher under it. All of us will wash the eating vessels just with water and put it in the dishwasher. All the tiffin boxes are also loaded. I used to run it once a day. It was very useful. This will help in organising the vessels.
  • Getting rid of non – stick and replacing it with iron kadai and tava’s. For lifetime, they will be there with you. No need to buy and change every now and then. Need to put in some effort for maintenance. Think about it?

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  1. Nicely organised kitchen. I liked your glass jar with silver color lids. I am planning to get this for my m’law. So where did you get these from?

  2. These are TREO glass jars….This is a brand in India. the best part is – it also has a see through lid it is not fully silver…….the rim of the lid is silver and the top is see through…..even if we keep in lower shelves we can see wht is inside?……….u r a very good daughter in law….u want to buy for ur MIL and not for u……or are u in a joint family?………

  3. Also have a look at this site………………………..also consider the lock and lock glass jars for pickles…I loved them…..they are very expensive say Rs.500/- per jar for a small size….they are too good………they have a lid with some tiny invisible holes for the pickle to breathe……….i heard it is important for the pickles to ferment and stay longer……………

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