Do you know what is this Spirituality?


All the Vedas, Scriptures, Bible and Quran – talk about the same thing; finding the truth.

What is this truth?

We are all part of the super power. All of us have the same strength as the super power. It is because of the perception of the mind – we are today as we are.

The world is considered as a creation of the mind. It is actually an illusion / maya. Somebody thought of food and created food. Someone else thought he cannot walk and created the vehicles.

When we wakeup from the dream – we understand that it was  a dream and it is not real. similarly, we will wake up one day from this waking state and will understand that this world is an illusion and creation of mind. This stage is referred as Durian.

We need to have faith in the truth prescribed in the scriptures and will need to develop an urge to see the original nature.

We need to question – Who am I? If I am not what I am now – then what is my original nature?

If we keep one side of the mind in this thought and carry on with our daily life. As mind creates our life. We will be able to understand this truth one day.

In the process, we will develop satvik nature and will be dynamic, successful and peaceful.

Today, I have told this – so you will be able to keep this thought for a day or two. Later, you will get engrossed in this world of maya and will forget this thought.

So, it is prescribed to do some activity which will remind you to keep this thought alive.

One simple thing is to read the scriptures daily. While reading we should not get attached to the scriptures and should feel that I am reading this to know my original nature. Look for the aspects which will help you to organise your life and live upto the dignity of a human being.

We can also perform some rituals like pooja and remind ourself that I need to see my original nature. I am unable to visualise that form – so I am seeing that as Ganesha or any idol or any form like AUM.

We need to have a fit body to keep this thought alive. Otherwise, it is natural for the mind to think about the body either the weight or pain etc. This calls for exercise and proper eating habits.

Another thing which all the scriptures prescribe is to practice ; non – attachment. This is not detachment. We need to look at things without getting attached to it.

Example : If your friend is sad and is in some trouble. You will feel sad but will not enter into the sadness and will look at the situation without attachment. If we handle life without attachment then we will not have any worries.

There are some people who will get attached to reading Bhagavad Gita. They will get struck there. Will try to understand every word and want to become a scholar.

Don’t get attached even with the scriptures. This will give the knowledge required but it is not the ultimate knowledge.

Once, we are able to focus and concentrate the mind. We can meditate and visualise the truth.

Non attachment means just slightly get out of the issues. See your life as an outsider. Things will change.

One other concept is reincarnation. It is believed that when we die the soul / self along with the mind and intellect will leave the body and will find a suitable body. So the only thing we take along is the knowledge and intellect. So, it is important that we spend some time gaining the concepts and developing the intellect.

Actually, we are spending time in all the trash collection -which  are not going to come with us.

If we could read the scriptures in the satvik time i.e 4 am to 6 am then our understanding will be so good and we will be able to progress faster.

The one and only solution to all problems is to read the scriptures with non attachment. At the same time keep the thought alive to understand your original nature.

This is what is called as Spirituality meaning the way you find hope, comfort and inner peace in life.


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  1. very well written.I too am aware of this. But i feel my trouble starts in the implementation. especially the reading or meditating in the 4 to 6 time on a consistent basis.That is the busiest time of the day for me. things need to get done by 7am. I have free time after that. so i can initiate this process only probably from say 10am to 12 noon. But all the enlightenened people insist on the brahma muhurtham time. that is the only problem in the whole process.

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