Vegetable Soup

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Vegetable Soup

As per Ayurveda, every meal should be accompanied by a soup. Being a south Indian, I almost daily make the soup called resam.

What if we make a North Indian meal? How to make the soup quickly and tasty?

Normally, if we look at any of the soup recipes they are very cumbersome. It will take atleast one hour to make the soup. Then, when will we have the time to do rest of the cooking?

Almost for an year, I was making resam for lunch and some soup for dinner. I think I explored almost all the soup recipes.

This made me come up with this simple soup recipe.

The formula for any vegetable soup is = 5 tomatoes + 1 cup of chopped vegetables + ginger + garlic 2 or 3 pods + Black pepper (10 nos) + Salt (1 tsp) + 2 cups of water.

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In this recipe, I used tomato and cabbage. I didn’t use garlic.This soup tastes fabulous with garlic. Even without garlic it tastes very good.

Chop the vegetables and add the water and cook directly in the cooker till one whistle. If you have the time – keep it in the lowest flame or medium or high. Irrespective of the level of heat – cook for one whistle.

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After cooking, filter the water and grind the vegetables.

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Mix the water and the grinded mixture and give it a boil – the soup is ready. Can add a dash of butter on top while serving.

Rules for a tasty Soup :

  1. Always add the required quantity of water while cooking the vegetables. Never add plain water even if the soup is thick. This plain water will spoil the taste of the soup. To dilute, you can use vegetable stock or resam – never plain water.
  2. Mixing tomatoes with the vegetables makes the soup tasty. Tomato is highly recommended by physicians for soup. If you look at the south Indians they make tomato resam daily.
  3. If you make mixed vegetable soup without tomato – it is also healthy but not tasty. Ayurveda says – always eat a tasty and healthy food.
  4. Plain tomato soup = in the above formula increase the tomatoes to 8 and add a small piece of capsicum ( the spices as per the above formula).
  5. Palak (spinach) soup = 5 tomatoes + 1 cup of chopped palak + spices as above.
  6. In the 1 cup vegetables if you add cabbage then don’t add any other vegetables.
  7. you can use peas alone or with carrots.
  8. you can use tori and parwal.
  9. you can use beetroot alone or along with carrot.
  10. You can use bottle guard (ghiya).
  11. you can use beans alone or with any other green vegetables other than spinach and cabbage.
  12. you can add yellow moong dal along with tomato.
  13. you can add coriander instead of vegetables (this tip was given by my friend).

Links for tasty soups


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