Grilled Sandwich

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Grilled Sandwich

Once, I went to Costa Coffee and had their grilled sandwiches. I still remember the taste. It was so remarkable  It was just a very simple vegetable filling but something was too good…may be the crunch, flavour….I don’t know what was that?

I kept on trying that kind of a sandwich. Finally, arrived at this one. More or less it matches with that sandwich I had.

Ingredients :

Brown Bread

Vegetables – I have used capsicum (1 no), peas 1/2 cup, carrots (3 nos), cauliflower (1 small I always buy small cauliflower as they are tender), tomatoes (2 no) and some coriender.

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Green chilli – 1 no

Turmeric – 1 tsp

Garam masala – 1 tsp

Oil  – 2tbsp

Jeera – 1 tsp

Salt – 1 1/2 tsp

Butter – required for toasting the sandwich.

Method :

Chop the vegetables. I recommend to chop and not grate. Even carrots try and chop.

meal 1 002

  • Add oil.
  • Add jeera.
  • Add tomato and green chilli.
  • Cook till the tomato dries-up.
  • meal 1 004
  • Add the vegetables and cook it by covering and keep stirring. Don’t add any water. The vegetables have to get cooked in their own juice. Then, the flavour will be very good.
  • Add salt with the vegetables.
  • Add garam masala and coriander – once the vegetables are completely cooked.
  • meal 1 008meal 1 009
  • Smash them with a potato masher.
  • Cut the corners of the bread and fill the vegetable between 2 breads.
  • Apply butter and toast in on the tava (medium to high flame). We want only the outside layer to get crunchy and the inside has to be soft.
  • Butter is the most important to get the crunch.
  • meal 1 017
  • You can make this in the sandwich maker but I feel the crunch is very good only when you make it on the tava. In the tava, the inside does not get cooked again. But in the sandwich maker entire bread gets cooked well. So, I feel sandwich maker is good – provided you are using some raw vegetables. In sandwich maker – the sandwich has to be consumed immediately. In tava sandwich, even if you consume it later it tastes wonderful even without reheating – this can also be reheated again on the tava.
  • I had this with hot soup. What else can I ask for in this cold climate.
  • meal 1 020

Note :

  • I have used the same method to make the filling for kati roll. This vegetable filling can be used in kati roll and that paneer filling can be used in this sandwich. Same procedure but completely different taste.
  • Use good amount of butter – more the butter – better the crunch.

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