Karadaiyan Nombu / Nonbu



See this site. This gives the information about the nonbu and the best recipe for the Adai.


This article tells you – why we tie the thread for poojas. This is a symbol to remind us about the resolution (sangalpam).

A fact…

This nonbu is done when the tamil month masi ends and panguni begins.

Have you heard this song…… chappa mookku chaala vaayi eppa kalyanam…panguni maasam pathaam thèdhi paruppu kalyanam…………..

(Chappa mookku represents the pressed nose (not sharp). A baby normally does not have a sharp nose and the saliva is over flowing (chaala vaayi). Even, such a baby girl is married in panguni – there will be no problems. So the best month for marriage is panguni).

I got married in this panguni first day and first muhurtham.

Supposed to be the best muhurtham for marriage.

That is why even when someone is married on other days – they try and do the nonbu at this time and compensate.

I am impressed with my parents for choosing the best muhurtham for me.

So tie the yellow thread (which will remind you about the resolution) and do the sangalpam (resolution) – that both of you will stick to each other like the adai and butter- inseparable. (“Urugadha Vennayam oru adayum vaithu nonbu notren oru nallum en kanavar piriyamal iruka vendum”.)

So I don’t have to do this.

All of you have to do this to compensate 🙂

Note :

  • Please don’t get attached to these threads and keep it for months. They will accumulate lot of bacteria.
  • This is – just to feel good and remind yourself.
  • Just a ritual for feeling good and better.
  • One day, we get the opportunity to be satvik with satvik food and fast. May be if you are interested – try a day being satvik.
  • We, these days don’t keep the wedding in panguni – because it is exam time 🙂

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