Scarcity as per veda



One of the main problems of modern civilization is hunger. According to the Vedic view, scarcity is the result of the negative karma generated by the destructive actions of the world’s population and not the result of overpopulation. The earth is perfectly capable of providing all the food necessary for whoever lives on its surface. Scarcity is due to our own greed and insensitivity to other living beings – extracted from the site vedic knowledge online.


It is available in abundance to people who think it is abundance. It is provided scarce to people who think it is scarce.

From childhood – I am annoyed with people who keep worrying about the increase in vegetable prices (inflation). I feel worry is unnecessary if you can afford – buy it or leave it. If that is what is the destiny for us – lets accept it. There is no use in worrying.

There are people who will annoy their lives and others – by all the time talking about wastage and saving.

I went to my friends house in the most posh locality. The house was such a big bungalow. I went in winter and the entire house had heating system. She was busy talking about how she has installed certain smart gadgets to save power.

People in abroad talk about power saving. Without power no life for them. I feel ridiculous ; when they talk about power saving.

We are increasing our life style so much and we want to spend so little of the resources – How foolish !

If we reduce the life style all the resources will be spent less (naturally).

People are constantly worrying about the increase in the electricity bill and the shortage of water.

As we sow so we reap. Is the theory of karma.

If we are destined to suffer we will suffer. Nothing can stop that. We are not contributing anything to the world – just a burden. What if we die out of scarcity. Nothing will happen. Why are we worried to die? Rather than suffering it is better to die.

Just live and enjoy the resources we have been blessed with. What is the point in saving and leading an uncomfortable life.

In the world, the two worst inventions are chair and light. Because of chair – all of us stopped sitting on the floor – so we are unable to meditate (all the body problems are because of this). If there is no light we will sleep on time and the mind will be calm.

Have you experienced this situation during power cut. The family is sitting in the balcony and talking. The kids automatically fall off to sleep and the elders will also sleep on time. I wish electricity gets fully consumed and there is scarcity. May be we will go to stone age. Facilities may not be there but there will be peace of mind.

If we increase the positivity in us – all the scarcity will vanish.

But, unfortunately we don’t realise this and we spend all the time to find ways and means to handle this problem externally.

Note :

  • Saving is important. Please install the power saving gadgets but at the same time be conscious of your extravagant lifestyle. 
  • Don’t strain yourself to save.
  • If you can reduce the lifestyle happily there will be automatic saving in the resources.
  • Be aware of scarcity – don’t be obsessed with scarcity.
  • Just develop your intellect and increase your positivity.
  • Don’t waste your valuable time by worrying or talking about the people suffering.
  • If possible – just help them and forget it. Don’t help and think you have done good deeds and you will get good deeds. Just help and don’t announce.
  • Understand that it is somebodies negative karma – that is why they are getting it scarce.
  • Just don’t hurt your loved ones for huge bills or feel upset and worried. Pay them quietly and understand that – you have consumed more – so the bill is huge. Feel fortunate that you are able to pay even such huge bills.
  • Rather than feeling pity (negative emotion) that someone does not have – feel that you are fortunate.
  • Develop the attitude of gratitude – How fortunate are you? Thank the nature for its kindness on you.

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