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The two reasons for all the problems is attachment and the leading desires.

Now, we know the reason. Just by knowing the reason – do you think we can solve all the problems.

The answer is a very BIG NO.

Because whatever I have discussed is only an information for you. Unless you think, contemplate and apply it in life – it will not become your own knowledge. Only if it is your own knowledge – you can solve the problems.

Swami Parthasarathy gave an example,

A person suddenly started to think  – he is a worm (small insect). Something happened to his mind. He was very scared to go to the chicken poultry because the chick will eat the worm.

He was taken to a hospital. The doctor said to the family – he need to stay with us for some years before we make him understand the reality. The doctor was trying so many methods and finally after 2 years – he realised he is a human being and not a worm. He said to the doctor – how foolish I was to think like that. The family was called to take him home. All of them were very happy and they thanked the doctor so much. He sat in the car and the car engine started – he said -” I need to ask something to the doctor” . The family members said – go head and ask. He went and asked the doctor – ” doctor ! I am clear that I am not a worm – does the chicks know “. This is what will happen if we know the information and not converted it into our own knowledge.

So, What we should do to get the knowledge. We need a balanced mind to apply the information gained in our own life.

To get a balanced mind we need to follow certain disciplines.

  1. Meditation – morning and evening atleast for 10 minutes upto 20 minutes.
  2. Simple Breathing exercise – Deep breathing for sometime during the day (near the nature).
  3. Fresh vegetarian food.
  4. Simple oil massage with sesame seeds oil before bath (daily).
  5. Brisk walk for 30 minutes. No need to exercise too much. Exercise till you start to precipation
  6. Do some yoga – I recommend this CD. 
  7. Reading Scriptures at the satvik time.
  8. Satsang (meaning being in good company of people) – even if you are a very active and agitated person – whose mind cannot be fixed in one place – good company will bring in lots of change. Join a yoga or vedanta class.
  9. Do what you ought to do. Apply the learning in your life. Be fully aware of everything happening around you (vigilant). If the body and mind is integrated – you are vigilant. If the body is somewhere and the mind is taking a world tour – no point. The efficiency will be zero.
  10. Develop the attitude of gratitude – How fortunate are you? Thank the nature for its kindness on you. See this article – Scarcity as per veda.

I keep repeating these points in most of my articles. I wanted to give a punch to my writing – rather than jotting these points. But, somehow I could not do that. I found a beautiful video on youtube. An Ayurveda doctor has done that for me. Thank you so much – sir.

Note :

Don’t think and try to understand intellectually before doing anything. Then, for life – you will not do anything. Just start doing it and see the effect – yourself.


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