Ghee / Clarified Butter

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If you look at the South Indians – they cook with coconut oil, sesame seed oil or groundnut oil and will take the ghee on top of rice and roti. They think this is the best way to eat the ghee – rather than cooking with it.

If you look at the North Indians – they cook the vegetables and food with ghee.

I am in Delhi, in winter we enjoy parathas and paneer very much. We don’t feel heavy.

Eat the same paratha and paneer in summer we will feel very heavy and will keep drinking water.

The heavy food is required in cold climates and light food is required in hot climates.

Watch this video to understand the importance of ghee.

Also read this article – How important is fat in your diet ?

How to make Ghee ?

  • Boil full cream milk.
  • When cooled to room temperature – keep it in the fridge.
  • After six  hours – the fat along with cream will get separated on top.
  • Remove this and keep it in a container in the fridge.
  • Keep collecting this every day.
  • The rest of the milk is a non – fat milk. Use it for the daily purpose.
  • This cream which is collected over a period of 10 to 15 days is added to the mixie (add water) or use a hand blender (no need to add water). Then the cream at one point will start leaving the water and the butter will float on top.
  • This butter when heated will give ghee (clarified butter).

Even if you cannot do this process from the milk. We can buy butter in the market. This is called white butter / unsalted butter or ask for butter to make ghee.

  • Boil this butter in medium flame (it is important).
  • Use a cooker pan or a heavy bottom vessel.
  • It will start melting and a layer of white froth will appear.
  • Stand near by and stir. Don’t keep stirring. Just stir and leave and then again stir and leave.
  • It will start making  sound. You can hear it when you are not stirring. If you keep stirring you cannot hear the sound.
  • I used 1 kg of butter and it took 5 minutes for making upto this stage.
  • The froth will clear with lots of bubbles. It happened after 10 min. (total so far 15 min).
  • keep stirring and leave.
  • After another 10 min the bubbles will start to raise – as though it will over flow – like how the milk raises and over flows – like that.
  • Switch off at this stage. Total time 20 minutes.
  • If you see the sediments they will be pale white or pinkish colour.
  • Don’t remove it to the kitchen counter. Keep it on the gas with the flame OFF. In that heat, keep stirring for 2 minutes. The sediment will turn little brown.
  • Leave on the gas top for another 10 minutes the sediments will become brown.
  • This is the right stage.
  • Filter and take the ghee.
  • keep it in a container with half lid open. Otherwise, the steam will give water vapour. Once, cooled cover it.
  • After cooling it will appear white.
  • There are some people who add some curd or curry leaves or salt. I don’t add these. These give a better texture to the ghee. I am not very sure of the health aspects – so I don’t add.

Note :

  • If we open the milk packet and pour it in a vessel and keep it in the fridge. Raw milk no need to boil. The cream will come on top. This cream is used in cakes and used in gravies while making subzis.
  • We can also collect cream after making curd. Boil the full cream milk and make curd. Keep it in the fridge. The cream will come on top and we can make butter. We cannot use this for cakes and gravies as it will be sour. This sour cream is added while making curd rice to give a nice texture.
  • Buy butter fresh and make ghee immediately (within 1 or 2 days). )Otherwise, if you make from old butter – there will be a bad smell when you boil the butter. The ghee will be perfect – no issues. But the process of making may not be pleasant.

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