Retirement Plan


One of the conversion between two friends in the age of 40’s – is Have you thought about anything on retirement planning?

This is something on which we should spend some time on.

Our parents and grand parents never thought about these – but we cannot afford to do the same as,

  • Increase in the life expectancy.
  • Joint family living is reducing.
  • We need a very good life style even after retirement.
  • etc etc……….

Now – let us see what vedanta say about this.

To understand this concept we need to understand what is death?

We have a physical body, mind (including intellect) and the soul.

The desires are the hindrance for us to understand – ” we are the soul “. So, we think we are the body.

Once the mind leaves the desires and leaves the Ego – we will know the difference between body and soul.

At some point during our life – the mind will think that this body or the environment is not suitable to persue the desires. Then, it withdraws the body. The mind along with the soul will find a new body to fulfill the desires.

If this is true – the reason for the increase in the life expectancy is desire and hoping that we can achieve the desires in this life.

It is not because of the medical advancement. Medical advancement has happened because of the increase in the life expectancy.

In those days, once the couples get their kids married and see the grand children they think there life is over. They know very well that there body is getting old and it is very difficult to fulfill any of their desires. So there mind withdraws the body by 50’s and 60’s.

Today, we are all doing the retirement planning with the hope that we will live till 90 – if possible till 100.

From 40, we are planning for retirement. We want to earn so much money so that we can sit and live a life for the retirement period of 40 years i.e from 60 to 100.

Right from 40, the man has sleepless nights. Just bothered about his retired life.

Vedanta is asking – why do you want to live after 60 – when the body is not co operating to fulfill the desires.

We will be frustrated – as the mind is wanting to do many things and we are unable to persue. Finally, we blame our children and community for disrespecting us.

We old people are a burden to the community. This is something which all of us have to understand. You might have saved 100 crores for the retired life. Still you will feel as a burden to others. The others might treat you well but you will feel miserable because of your desires (unable to fulfill).

The ONE AND ONLY BEST retirement plan is to die by 65 years maximum. In that case, let us presume that we retire by 60 and we need to earn only for the next 5 years.

For this we need to develop the understanding that it is impossible to fullfil the desires with a non co operating body.

That is why god has given this option of rebirth. Why can’t we use it? Why should we get scared to die?

Dying is the only productive action we are doing in a life 🙂

But, if we live for 100 years we will feel frustrated and accumulate more fears and negative thoughts.

Don’t think you can fulfill your desires through your children and grand children. This is impossible.

By chance we happened to live after 65 years then one thing we need to control is food (desire to eat).

The agni which is the fire in the stomach will naturally gets reduced as we grow older. Say from 30 to 40 it gets reduced little. That is why we feel more acidic and stomach bloating etc. Every 10 years it gets reduced.

We need to learn to respect the agni i.e we need to slowly slowly reduce the intake of food. That is why more fasting is recommended in our culture.

So if we happen to live after 65 years – respect your agni and eat only what is required. The little time you are active – try to help others rather than doing selffish actions.

This tendency to help others will naturally burn the desires.

The only desire –  should be to die in peace and not to be a burden to anybody.

For this we need to understand that – ” what is the use of lust in old age “.

Let us not be a burden to anybody.

We cannot save for 40 years of retired life. Don’t bother now. Just enjoy life and do good deeds and good thinking.

You will naturally earn more and you will die early in peace without troubling anyone. You will have a very beautiful NEW body to pursue your desires.

Don’t fear about death and make your life miserable – holding the mind to the body.

Note :

  • Let us starting reading and understanding the scriptures.
  • We will have knowledge and we will have some access to the truth.
  • This will naturally help us to burn the desires.
  • If we have some knowledge of the vedas – we will be independent even in the old age.
  • We will feel self sufficient and we will not bother others.
  • We will also have followers.
  • Don’t waste this youth by working so hard and not enjoying. Hoping that you will rest in retirement. You can rest only when you are healthy.
  • We can be healthy and happy if we leave the desires.
  • The age of death of 65 was mentioned in the article as an example. Live till the body co operates.
  • We need to start the retirement plan of maintaining a healthy body and a calm mind. Other than this – whatever we do will still bring us unhappiness in old age.
  • We are expecting our children to take care of us. How long – from 70 years to 90 years i.e for 20 years – we want to be a burden for our children and blame them if they are unable to show some love for some time. Can we also think that they will have their own duties to perform !!!!!!
  • They have taken care of their children for 20 years and will take care of their parents for 20 years. When will they live. They will also want to be burden to their children hoping that they will take care. This goes on and on. Each one of us should learn to be independent at the same time be a facilitator and help others.
  • Just give it a thought !!!!!!!!!!

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