My resolution on this day is – not to blame anyone or find fault in anyone.

Even though, I make mistakes ; people can just tell me – ” it is a mistake “.

I will ( for sure ) correct it in some time.

Then, why should we blame and find fault???????????

If we expect some qualities in others ; we need to bring in that quality in us.

We need love …We need to love……….

So, I decided not to blame and find fault in anyone.

If I really feel someone has done a mistake ; either I will ignore or tell them quietly and will not unnecessarily discuss with others.

As I grow older – I am becoming more & more efficient and still hearing more and more complaints and blames.

I feel with increase in years – these things need to get reduced.

So this article.


Error is human.

Just tell the other person the mistake and why should we blame or complain or find fault or talk at the back.

Why do we blame and complain ? ( as per vedanta )

Suppose, today I say – I don’t want to cook  – this is the truth.

My perception can be – my husband took me to the mall and that is why I am tired.

My husbands perceptions can be – she is all the time reading something – that’ s why she is tired.

Perceptions can be anything. They are not truth.

Whatever is the reason – the truth is I didn’t feel like cooking for a day.

We can just ignore this as it is or analyse why this has happened ?

If we start to analyse, the mind – which is a computer – will provide so many experiences of the past and will compare and form a perception.

All those are not the truth.

They can be the possibilities.

Analysing is a beautiful ability.

If we know to analyse a problem from various angles we will score the highest mark and will get very good rating.

But, if we apply this quality in life ; we will suffer.

This quality of analysing is a hindrance to grow spiritually (as per bhaja govindam).

So, we need this analysing ability for educational purpose and not to lead the life.

In upanishad, there is a verse – which talks about a point and gives 3 egs. One side of the example is matching with the point. There are so many aspects to the example which are very easy to find out and not matching with the point. He says those who can see this one matching aspect of the example ; alone – can understand the point and will grow spiritually. Those who are going to analyse the other aspects will get struck with this point only. And can’t grow.

We need to learn to ignore things and just take the life as it comes.This is possible with the development of Buddhi – Intellect.

Even though the mind gives the possibilities. If we have the intellect – it will tell us to ignore or give a solution.

Blaming or complaining or finding fault or just analysing the possibilities is all the mind game.

Ignoring or finding a solution is the job of the Buddhi.

Even if someone is blaming or complaining or finding fault or analysing because they are bala bala  – child child (as per Bhagavad Gita).

They are doing this because they are unaware of the truth – we need to ignore them.

So, did you understand that my problem is not because of others complaint or finding fault. It is because I am unable to ignore.

Let us learn to ignore -bala bala.

I hope, I develop this attitude atleast from 36 in all aspects of my life.

Note :

  • Ignoring doesn’t mean a careless attitude towards everything. If we learn to ignore with development of Buddhi – it is called maturity.
  • If we ignore everything like a child – it  is called innocence.
  • All of us were innocent. We should not stay in innocence. We need to move to ignorance and again with maturity move to  innocence.
  • This journey of moving from innocence to ignorance to maturity to again innocence – is called the spiritual journey.
  • Lets learn to ignore – not with innocence not with ignorance (we ignore with unhappiness) but with maturity.

So, I stand corrected – My resolution is not to blame or find fault in others – it is to ignore others mistakes with maturity- bala bala. The right word for ignore with maturity in vedanta is forgive.


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  1. Many More Happy returns of the day Uma !! nice topic as well but very difficult to implement…trying will not harm i think so…ignore we do but ofcourse with regrets and unhappiness..hope that situation changes…
    once again thanks for the good job you are doing and may GOD bless you with abundance, peace and happiness always to you and your family !!

  2. Thanks Anu…………………..See it is not difficult to implement….when someone has said this concept of forgiving to me someyears ago…my reaction would be – it is difficult to implement….I don’t know how it happens….once you regularly read the scriptures….automatically all the qualities come in you….some experience happens to us – that it suddenly changes your mental attitude……………..yes, it is difficult to follow if we decide after this article that I will start forgiving…….don’t start something suddenly / change your actions suddenly…u have read this article…created an impact…thats all….now carry on with your work…don’t put efforts to forgive…just put efforts to read regularly…………….thats all…it will automatically happen………………..our life is like a car going in a full speed…if u take a sudden turn the car will collapse….we need to apply the break and slowly turn…….so even if u decide to forgive suddenly…u will do it for 2 days and then the same story……………..keep reading ….it will happen….how and when – i do not know…………………….

  3. Very interesting reply. May be we should give it a chance. That you have used your practical experiences of life to share and be of help to others shows your concern for society.

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