Wake up to the reality !


Watch these videos. Try and understand. I enjoyed it and I am sharing this with all of you.


I have summarised the points to recollect. Watch the videos first and then recollect.

  •  Just start doubting that this world is an illusion and you are the truth. Keep this thought alone in the mind and continue with your daily work.
  • Spend more time inside than outside.
  • We can’t understand intellectually. It is a subtle feeling beyond the intellect.
  • We can’t understand – We can only become the truth.
  • These are religious but definitely scientific.
  • I strongly believe  – I am a women. Even in the sleep – I don’t forget this. Similarly, all the time have this awareness of the truth. This is the secret way to understand the truth (Bhagavad Gita suggests this).
  • Have this thought that you are the consciousness and carry on with your work. See how efficient you become.
  • We are the common spirit – we are not this body.
  • Remember the example of light in a dark room and we can never bring in darkness in the lighted place. It is possible only when we off the light. Knowledge is like the light. Just get it inside you all the darkness will vanish. Then, nothing or no one can bring the darkness.
  • Love is the key.
  • If we are calm, always loving and happy – we will tune in better frequency and- all the cell formations will change and we will change as an end product.
  • Spend more time listening to calm music. This sound will change the frequency.
  • If we change the frequency – the DNA changes. We are only using 20 to 60 of the DNA patterns. Lets use it fully.This is depicted in the tamil movie – 7am arivu or it can be spelled as ezham arivu (meaning 7th intelligence).
  • Don’t get tiedup with illusion.
  • Don’t waste your time and energy in just eating junk food, roaming, watching TV and movies, bothered with the political actions / sports, the views and opinions of others.
  • Just read, listen to music, eat healthy, spend your energy on helping others, think about the oneness in every one and not about the differences in everybody.
  • Don’t spend your energy on analysing others and gossip.
  • All the inventions in the world is just a conversion of the frequency in a different form. We have not invented anything. We are only redoing things. Don’t feel you are the creator.
  • One example, will make this point clear. One politician went to the Himalayas and asked the swamijis to vote. Because, he thought so many votes are getting wasted. The swamijis are least interested in this and said ” tell us what we should do – we will help you”. The politician said ” I will come again on Sunday – just make arrangements so that I can inaugurate something and will give a speech. It will be covered in the media and all of you will be recognised. All of you vote for me”. The swamijis agreed. The politician came on Sunday. All the swamis assembled in the bank of Ganges. The head swami gave the kamandal to the politician and asked him to fetch some Ganges water. The politician very happily fetched it. The swami asked him to pour it slowly into the Ganges. The politician did the same. All the swami’s clapped and said ” He inaugurated the Ganges”. This is what we all do each day or trying to do. We are just redoing things. This doesn’t mean  -we stop what we are doing. Just do your duty and try to understand the origin of this frequency. This common consciousness. Lets not  have the EGO that we are doing something. We are doing all these actions to understand the truth. The life is taking us in a direction of understanding the truth. The nature is asking me to do this so that I go on to the path to understand the immaculate. This thought will humble us. Listen to your consciousness.
  • Don’t get tied up with illusion.
  • Difficulty in understanding the truth. People don’t accept this. They fight and argue.
  • They laugh at people accepting this truth.
  • They call them crazy.
  • Once, we believe this truth – we wonder what is wrong with the rest of the world. Why are they not accepting? We try to convince them.
  • But, with experience – we understand that it does not work this way.
  • The ancient Chinese lesson – When a person is thirsty. Just give him half a glass of water and then when asked give the next half. Don’t shower with gallons of water.
  • Similarly, I felt the thirst. I started the research. This blog is the outcome of the search. But, may be I can digest so much quickly. If some of you are taking time. Then, take your time. Read little. Digest and then take more information.
  • Gain information and assimilate and then take more.
  • Let it be my articles or anyone s. Read the opinions. Normally, people accept or reject. Why don’t you think and discuss. See how can you assimilate the points.
  • Think and question yourself.
  • Before rejecting – just wonder – may be it is true. If you don’t like someones thought – it is fine. But, don’t hate the person.
  • Many can’t do this.
  • Why people reject and don’t accept? They start attacking the people who gave the thought – Why is that so?
  • Reason 1  – From the psychological view point, this information is not easy to swallow, one cannot accept this information and go on with their lives the same way.
  • Reason 2  -The brain recognises – that this information will force the brain to rearrange – reprogram several pieces of information ; it has accumulated over the years. The brain will fight – because it requires a high level of mental effort. And it will decide to reject the information as it is the best way to avoid the effort.
  • Reason 3 – The next reason is EGO – the people will reject others words for the simple reason -they value their words more than others. They cannot accept others finding these truths – they will accept only when they have stumbled on it. They feel the others are incapable and they can never do right actions. So they disclaim the others truths. Understand – it is not others truth. It is through them you came to know – thats all.
  • Reason 4 – Some people are so comfortable with the fast life and they don’t want to change their way of life. They are focused on themselves.
  • Reason 5 – People just believe the voice of the media. Have you seen in Facebook – the article which says – what you believe is right – will get the maximum likes. Say, it is difficult to handle 2 kids and it is natural to be messy. Maximum likes. If an article says – some points to be done to live organised with kids – it will be accepted by few because we don’t want to change. It is a lot of effort. This mental effort can be done with willpower or Vairagya in sanskrit. The willpower is required to bring in the change.
  • Think about it……………….Discuss about it………………………..read, read and read………………………..See the change in you…………………………………..
  • Wake up to the reality. See the oneness in everyone.

You are free to accept it or reject it. But don’t recject the person who gave the thought. Don’t blame me 🙂 🙂

Please love me 🙂 🙂 🙂 You and me are the same consciousness. We are just tuning in different frequencies.


All of us have the same consciousness. If we tune in less we will get less of it (remember the golf ball size consciousness example). If we tune in more we will get more of it. How to tune in more?

  • Start doubting the reality.
  • Bring in some change in your life – which you think is necessary.
  • Read, read and read.
  • Automatically you will tune in more consciousness – your frequency will improve without efforts.
  • Please don’t waste your energy to correct your actions, thinking about others opinion, talking to impress others etc.
  • Just put in the effort to take more consciousness. See the change in your actions.
  • Effort always gives success. Don’t think of success. Don’t think why others succeed. Just put in the effort.

God consciousness, Self, Life force, Soul – all represent the same.


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