An understanding with Paneer


A family went to an Indian restaurant – they decided to order a paneer dish.

The menu was,

  • Matar Paneer.
  • Shahi paneer.
  • Paneer butter masala.
  • Paneer makhanwala.
  • Paneer Makhani
  • Malai kofta with paneer.
  • Paneer Pasanda.
  • Hariyali paneer.
  • Kalimirch paneer.
  • Kadai Paneer.
  • Paneer tikka masala.
  • Paneer khurchan.
  • Paneer Jalfrezi.

Let us understand them. First – see my recipes for matar paneer, shahi paneer, malai kofta, kadai vegetable, paneer tikka masala. Then, read the summary.

Matar paneer – Fresh tomato puree blended with all the normal dry masalas with a dash of milk cream ( I have used grounded paneer instead). I have used only tomato. But can use fried onion paste.

Shahi Paneer – Onion and tomato chopped and tossed in oil. Blended with redchilli powder and garam masala. Add milk cream /grounded paneer.

Paneer butter masala / paneer makhanwala / paneer makhani – all are one and the same. Make the same gravy as per shahi paneer but instead of milk cream – use butter and little milk cream (in our case  – grounded  (small piece ) paneer ).

Malai Kofta – onion, tomato and cashewnuts are boiled and made into a paste – blended with redchilli powder and garam masala. Panner stuffed with nuts and spices ; fried in oil and added to the gravy.

Paneer pasanda –  we can use either shahi paneer gravy or paneer butter masala gravy or malai kofta gravy – but white pepper is added instead of redchilli powder. In this the  paneer is cut in triangular shape. Silted in between and stuffed with nuts and fried.

Hariyalli paneer – the malai kofta gravy is used. Mint and coriander is grinded and added.

Kali mirch paneer – can use malai kofta gravy – can use shahi paneer or butter masala gravy – but the tomatoes are reduced and some fresh curd is added. Instead of redchilli powder kali mirch is used.

Kadai Paneer – The vegetables are fried and tossed in a masala gravy.

Paneer tikka masala – Tandoor vegetables are tossed in the same kadai paneer gravy.

Paneer Khurchan – the same kadai paneer gravy is tossed in a kadai with paneer. The masala and the paneer gets struck to the bottom and they are scrapped ( khurchan means scrapped).

Paneer Jalfrezi – if the kadai paneer gravy is made with tomato sauce instead of fresh tomatoes it is called jalfrezi.

Is it easy to decide now ?

We have left simla mirch paneer, Achari paneer and Paneer Bhurji.

These are home made recipes – the women at home created these recipes  like the restaurant (but in their own simple way ).

I am sure all of you will design your own signature dish for your family. Make your own simla mirch paneer or achari paneer or paneer bhurji.

A software person does some creation with some knowledge – an engineer creates something with his / her knowledge. We simple women – cooking for the family; can also get some knowledge and make some creations.

Feel confident and start your own creation. Affix your sign – call it your own signature dish.


Note :

  • These are the standard way of creating these dishes.
  • But – if you search for these recipes – we have tons of options. Some one has used fried onions, other person has used nuts or curd etc. Each one is showing their preferences.
  • Understand how these are made – there is no hard and fast rule that malai kofta has to be made with nuts. Generally, it is made with nuts – but we can add curd. Who stops us.
  • Try these standard recipes – taste and understand  your preferences and then blend as per your choice.

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