Tomato Rice

Tomato Rice

Tomato Rice

Ingredients :

One cup of rice – I have used basmati – can use any rice.

Tomato – 4 nos -if it is normal tomato or 6 nos – if it is desi tomato (as they are normally small in size).

For this dish – it is preferable to use desi tomatoes or nattu thakkali.

Tomato Htm   This is Desi tomato or nattu thakalli. This has unique flavour and it is sour. Therefore, it is more suitable for tomato rice or tomato chutney.

Tomato Nth This is normal tomato.

Tamarind – one marble size – if you are using desi tomatoes. One amla or gooseberry size if you are using normal tomatoes.

Oil – 4 tbsp.

Mustard – 1 tsp.

Urad dal (dhuli) – 1 tbsp.

Hing – 5 pinches.

Turmeric – 1/4 tsp.

Red chilli powder – 1 tsp.

Salt – 2 tsp.

Curry leaves or coriander.

Method :

  • Soak the rice for atleast half an hour.
  • The texture of the rice is important for a good taste. Boil plenty of water say 6 cups or 8 cups (more is better) for 1 cup of rice. Add the soaked rice and salt. Keep it in low flame and cook. SALT (1 tsp) IS IMPORTANT WITH THE RICE. THE RICE WILL HAVE A FLAVOUR AND TASTE WITH SALT.
  • In the beginning the raw rice will stay at the bottom. As and when it gets cooked – it will start coming up.
  • Once cooked, drain the rice and allow it to cool.
  • This is the only efficient way to cook rice individually without breaking. This is also the most healthier way of making rice. The rice will not be heavy and it will be very light as all the starch is removed.
  • Take a kadai.
  • Add oil
  • Add mustard.
  • Add Urad dal.
  • Hing.
  • Add chopped tomatoes.
  • Add Turmeric.
  • Add red chilli powder.
  • Add salt – 1 tsp
  • Add the tamarind pulp.
  • Keep it in medium flame and cook.
  • This is the tomato chutney.
  • Now – if we mix it with rice – it is tomato rice.

Note :

  • I like this simple version of tomato rice. Frankly, I don’t like onion and garam masala in tomato rice.
  • In case, you need little more strong flavour – add garlic after urad dal.
  • I prefer red chilli powder in this recipe – but can add some green chillies.
  • Can add cashews after urad dal.
  • Chopped tomatoes give a different flavour than pureed tomatoes. Pureed tomatoes give a subzi masala flavour. In case – you don’t like the skin coming into the mouth – peel the skin from the raw tomatoes and chop them. Don’t put them in hot water and peel. Just peel by cutting. There will be some wastage but is possible to cut like that.
  • This desi tomato tip was given by my sister.

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    • Yes….I will try and incorporate the approx cooking time………Normally, in my recipes I have mentioned the cooking time like how long the cooker has to be kept etc…..but i have not mentioned the preparation time like chopping, grinding etc….I will try and give a rough estimate – as the time various based on the cooking skills… is a good suggestion – as it will help the beginners to get an overall idea of time…..I will incorporate in future…thank u………….

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