Ladoos of India

Roasted Chana Ladoo

Roasted Chana Ladoo

Indians are crazy about ladoos. These days kids are enjoying only the cold desserts. All thanks to the cartoon ( Chota bheem) – all the Indian kids have started to eat ladoos ; to gain all the strength. So, we mothers have no choice but to learn to make these lovely balls.

Ladoos can be made with (clockwise) Roasted chana, Wheat flour, Sooji, Besan, moong Dhuli, Chana dal,Urad dhuli.


In south India – they make ladoos with roasted channa (pottukadalai ) , Wheat flour and Sooji.

In North India – they make ladoos with moong dhuli, chana dal or besan, and wheat flour.

In Rajasthan – they make ladoos with urad dhuli (wash).

Method followed in South India – Wheat flour or Sooji is dry roasted and then mixed with melted Ghee and sugar. Of course, some nuts too. In case of roasted chana – they just powder it (as it is already roasted) and mix it with sugar and ghee. This is a healthier method.

Method followed in North India – powdered dals are roasted in ghee and mixed with sugar. This is a tastier method.

I have made roasted chana ladoos.

In south India, they powder the roasted chana and mix with sugar and Ghee.

I have followed the North Indian method, I have powdered the chana and roasted it in Ghee and mixed with sugar and also dry roasted and added some flour. I have combined North Indian and South Indian.I feel this method gives more flavourful ladoos.

Basic rules :

  • Powder the dal – roast it with ghee and add sugar. In case of besan and wheat flour – they already in the powdered form – so just roast it with ghee and mix sugar.
  • If the dal is one cup sugar is also one cup.
  • If you are using powdered ingredients like besan or wheat flour. For one cup of powdered ingredient – sugar is half cup.
  • Ghee is one third if the dal is one cup.

Normal problem faced – while making ladoos – is the quantity of ghee!!!  Melted ghee or thick ghee etc. For one cup we need 1/3 cup ghee. But sometimes, it is sufficient – sometimes it is excess etc.

What I normally do is – I use half cup of ghee for roasting. If we use more ghee – we can roast very easily. Then, I dry roast some wheat flour and mix till it becomes a ladoo making consistency. It works fabulous.

Even in roasted chana ladoo – I dry roasted and added some wheat flour. Still it will have only the chana flavour.

The same procedure can be followed for all kinds of ladoo except rava ladoo. In rava ladoo, roast rava in ghee and add some dry roasted rava in the end.

In Rajasthan, they use edible gum called goond or guand in their ladoos. This gives a crunch to the ladoo.

We can add these edible gum to all the ladoos.

Steps for making ladoo :

  • In case of dals, Powder and seive them. Dal – 1 cup.
  • Roast with 1/2 cup of ghee.
  • Once cooled mix with powdered sugar – 1 cup. (dal : sugar is 1 : 1) (powder : sugar is 1 : 1/2)
  • Can add edible gum and nuts roasted in ghee.
  • Now, dry roast some wheat flour say 1/4 cup. Mix little by little and see the right texture and make ladoos. The ladoos should not be very gooey at the same time they should not be very dry.

Ingredients  for  Roasted chana, Sooji, moong Dhuli, Chana dal,Urad dhuli ladoos :

Dal – 1 cup.

Ghee – 1/2 cup.

Sugar – 1 cup (take one cup of sugar and powder it).

Wheat flour 1/2 to 1/3 cup.

Goond – 50 gms (optional)

Nuts of your choice – 50 gms (optional).

Add one green cardamon powder. (in case of sooji ladoo use 4 cardamom).

Method : 

  • Powder the dal.
  • Roast the nuts and goond in ghee. Keep it separately.
  • In the same ghee roast the dal powder.
  • Have patience and roast well – till a nice aroma comes.
  • Powder the ghee roasted goond.
  • Once cooled add the powdered sugar, powdered goond, nuts and cardamon.
  • Dry roast the wheat flour.
  • Mix as much required.
  • Make ladoos.

For besan and wheat flour ladoos :

  • Sugar will be 1/2 cup. Take 1/2 cup sugar and powder it. Besan or wheat flour one cup.
  • Rest of the things are the same.

Note :

  • Gaund is an “edible gum” that is extracted from the bark of a tree. It is available in crystal form as pearly yellowish translucent pieces of varying sizes. The bigger crystals are more expensive.
  • South Indian ladoos are more powdery and north Indian ladoos are more gooey with ghee. As per Ayurveda, food in the powdered form is not easily digested – Ghee will help in better digestion. Use reasonable amount of ghee for better digestion of ladoos.
  • Home made ghee gives better flavour to these ladoos.
  • In the roasted chana ladoo. Instead of dry roasting and adding wheat flour can add dry roasted chana.
  • In the picture, I have used 5 cups of roasted chana dal. With one cup of dal – we can make 15 to 20 ladoos depending on the size, nuts and goond.
  • In India, these dals are powdered in the flour mills or chakki. If we are powdering at home – please sieve it after powdering.

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