Mullu Murukku (Mullu Thenkuzhal)


Mullu Murukku (Thenkuzhal)

Murukku is a very popular snack of South India. I remember my grandmother making the murukku with hands.

This is how a traditional murukku is made. Watch this video.

Now, we are not expert with hands so what is the alternative. Murukku press or murukku maker was invented.

With this murukku press we can create the some what – same effect.

If we make this snack with hands by twisting it is called murukku (meaning twisting).

If we make this snack with the murukku maker with a star shaped slot disk – it is called mullu murukku ( mullu means thorn  – mullu murukku means thorn twisting or spikes murukku).

This mullu murukku is also called Mullu Thenkuzhal – Then or tēṉ means honey ; Kuzhal means tube. The person who is eating this snack – will think that it tastes so fabulous like honey and will wonder why this honey is in the shape of a tube. Thenkuzhal – honey in a tube. This is not a sweet dish.This word honey does not refer to the the sweet taste but refers to a fantastic taste of honey.

Frankly, I am not an expert in making these traditional snacks. My mother and mom – in law makes fabulous snacks. Mine is not mouth melting but definitively very tasty home made snack.

Ingredients :

Par boiled or boiled rice or idli rice- 2 cups.

Par boiled or boiled means the same.

Pottukadalai or chutney dal or fried chana dal – 1 cup.

Butter – 2 tbsp or  hot oil.

Salt – 3 tsp.

Hing – 6 tsp (YES 6 tsp – so much is required).

Jeera – 1 tsp

Til or sesame seed – 2 tsp.

Oil for deep frying.

Method :

  • Soak the boiled rice for 4 to 5 hours.
  • Grind it in the grinder with less water.
  • Add butter, salt and hing while grinding.
  • Butter will help in grinding with less water.
  • Powder pottukadalai.
  • Mix pottukadalai powder, rice batter, jeera and sesame seeds.
  • Mix well and cover it with a wet cloth.
  • Heat the oil
  • The oil should be hot. If we drop the batter – it should sit down and then comeup and not so hot that it will quickly comeup.
  • Use the murukku maker and make the murukku on a wet cloth.
  • Lift it and drop in oil. While dropping it – keep the flame in medium. This is important for the murukku to be crispy.
  • Once, the murukku raises up. Keep the flame in low. After 1 minute – the murukku bubbles will become little less and it will start going down. At this stage, start stirring for even cooking and colour. If we start stirring from the beginning it will be kacha and will break. The shape will be lost.
  • Once cooked, murukku is ready.

Note :

  • This is a simple recipe because – we need not make the rice flour. Making rice flour is a cumbersome process.
  • The colour of the murukku depends on the quality of the rice.
  • But, it is a very tasty snack for sure.

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