No sugar – Dates and Nuts

Dates and Nuts

Dates and Nuts

My sister in law, sent this sweet for Rakhi. I tasted it – it was so fabulous.

I started trying this recipe with various combination. I also found some recipes on the net. But, that sweet was amazing. There was something white and small tiny pieces – which I saw while eating. Didn’t know what was it. Later, I realised it was kas kas. Till then, I never knew – kas kas can bring such good flavour to the sweet.

Ingredients :

Dates – 500 gms. Buy dates with seeds as they are more softer. If you buy seed less –  they are little hard. In that case, you may have to chop the dates and grind it in the mixie. Just little.

Nuts – cashews – 1/4 cup, almonds – 1/4 cup. Use atleast this much. can add 1/4 cup of pista.

Ghee – 4tbsp.

Goond – 1 to 2 tbsp. It helps in bring a crunch and also binds.

Kas Kas – 1 tbsp.

Green cardamon – 3 nos.

Nut meg – Grate – 1/4 tsp.

Method :

  • Mash the dates.
  • Chop the nuts.
  • Add ghee.
  • Roast the nuts.
  • Then, in the same ghee roast the goond.
  • Then, roast the kas kas. It has to pop.
  • Then, just add the dates and roast it little bit. It is mushy – so it will not get roasted well. Just little bit. Flip and flap it in the hot kadai for 3 minutes.
  • Roast in this order. As kas kas requires a hot kadai for popping.
  • Powder cardamon and nutmeg.
  • Allow it to cool.
  • Mix everything very well with your hands.
  • Make cylinder shape and chop.
  • Dates and nuts is ready.

Note :

  • In the picture – I have used 4 and 1/2 kg dates. But, the ingredients is for 500 gms of dates.
  • Can use a single nut. I have tried making it only with cashews and also only with badam. Even they tasted so good.
  • Chopping the nuts is the only job. Otherwise, a very simple and extremely tasty and healthy sweet.
  • Gaund or goond –  is an “edible gum” that is extracted from the bark of a tree. It is available in crystal form as pearly yellowish translucent pieces of varying sizes. The bigger crystals are more expensive. It looks like the small stones. When roasted in ghee – it puffs up.It is crushed and added.
  • If you are fasting have dates. It is a high energy food.
  • Low iron in blood or hemoglobin is low – eat 2 to 3 dates daily. Don’t eat too much as it is very heat producing.
  • If you are a sweet lover and need to eat a sweet after the meal. Eat this sweet.
  • This sweet is very tempting. Eat only one a day.
  • It also relieves constipation, any bone problems, reduces hair fall etc.

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