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Sumukam blog

This is an excellent blog for all those vedanta lovers. It is an amazing collection of audio lectures.

I recommend,

Sri Nochur Venkataraman lectures.

My sister suggested these lectures. I heard the lectures  Bhagavatham ( Tamil). I am constantly listening to it for the last 2 weeks. I am feeling so contended.It is amazing.

I recommend this for all my blog viewers.

Please have an open mind and listen once.It is like – we watch a movie and we recommended it to our friend.

It will be a life changing experience.

I really don’t know -how I should thank the Sumukam’s blog, Nochur and my sister Rama. Frankly, I feel like prostrating all of them. It might sound funny for all of you – but I am really feeling it. Thank you so much.

My grand mother always recites the slokas while cooking. She never likes anybody sitting and doing the pooja. If we sit and listen or do the pooja – we feel it is a waste of time because our duty is pending. She says duty always comes first but do it with happiness and calmness. Reciting slokas or hearing Bhagavatham calms our mind -we will not know what we are doing and every work will be perfect.

My sister suggested this idea – wireless head phones or i pod is a very good option. I am hearing these lectures and doing all the my work. For all the manual work we don’t need to concentrate. In fact, all the boring jobs like cleaning, dusting and washing can be done very efficiently by hearing something divine like this.Frankly, we take more time to do the work because our mind is constantly thinking. If we keep it occupied in something calming – our productivity increases.

Bhagavad Gita suggests that our mind is capable of doing 2 things at a time. We are constantly thinking and at the same time doing something. If this one thought can be kept in Brahman – we will be calm and efficient.

We can avoid all the unnecessary negative thinking and talking.

Link for Bhagavatham in tamil – in coimbatore

Also all the chinmayananda’s lectures are amazing. Chinmayananda is the guru of Swami Parthasarathy.


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