Traditional Therattipal (Pal Kova / Peda)


Traditional Therattipal

This is most simplest sweet as far as the ingredients are concerned. Just 2 ingredients Full cream Milk and sugar.

Milk –  1/2 litre and sugar ( 4 tbsp to 6 tbsp depending on your taste. For less sweetness use 4 tbsp, for medium sweetness 5 tbsp and for more sweetness 6 tbsp).

By looking at the simplicity of the ingredients, I was tempted to make this sweet many times. But, once it was like srivalliputur therattipal (just white and only milk flavour). Sometimes, Rajamundry’s milk cake and so on.

Srivilliputhur Palgova – This is white in colour. It does not taste like the traditional peach colour therattipal. It is also very tasty with full of milk flavour like the peda.

First lets see the method.

  • The method is simple.
  • Keep cooking the milk till it condenses.
  • And then add sugar. That’s all.

But the complication arises – how to condense the milk and when to add sugar?

A heavy kadai is a must. Use only half litre of milk at one time. First boil the milk. Then, start cooking in a kadai in high flame  – never in the low flame. Keep stirring for 15 minutes and your condensed milk is ready (without any malai). First, stir slowly – as it gets thicker – stir faster. It should not get burnt at the bottom. If you stop stirring inbetween malai will come and the texture will be spoiled. Stir continuously.

How to stir ? not round and round. Just use a flat spatulla and stir – front and back.

Flat Spatulla – if possible use the one with a long handle (so that your hands does not get the heat)

Watch this video of condensing one batch of half a litre milk. My kids captured this video. This video is posted to give an overall feel.


Click here to watch the video – Traditional Therattipal video.

  • When the milk is condensed, do the second batch of 1/2 ltr. We can do this for the decided quantity of milk – say 1 ltr or 4 ltrs etc.
  • Once, you finish all the condensation of the milk.
  • Add the sugar for 1/2 ltr of condensed milk i.e 4 to 6 tbsp depending on your taste.
  • Add one batch of condensed milk. Just mix it. Once mixed, remove and allow it to cool
  • If we stop at this stage it will taste like srivilliputhur Palkova.
  • This is the stage for making peda. For peda, add green cardamon and make the shapes.

This is kesar peda i.e saffron is added. Pic courtesy : Google

This is simple peda with green cardamon and decorated with nuts. Pic courtesy : google.

  •   The rest of the batches add the sugar and keep cooking.
  • The sugar will melt and will become watery.
  • Cook for another 5 to 8 minutes depending on the quantity. It will start to thicken.
  • Always cook in low flame after adding the sugar.
  • To this mixture add the first batch just mixed with sugar (i.e the peda form or srivilliputhur form).
  • Transfer it to an another container. Don’t leave it in the kadai and cover it.
  • Why are we mixing?
  • I have tried this so many times – it is very difficult to remove the traditional therattipal at the right stage. In this way, if by chance we have cooked little excess – it will be offset by mixing the less cooked batch.
  • Mix and cover it and keep it. Use a lid with holes or cover it with some opening i.e don’t cover it – tight leave some space for the air flow.
  • Keep this undisturbed for 8 to 10 hours.
  • It will take so much time to set. No temptations – just forget it for the next 8 hours.
  • Open it, you will see the magic. The colour will be changed – the texture will be perfect.
  • This is the traditional Therattipal.

We can pack it like the Aavin Palkova (Aavin is the popular milk diary in chennai).

See this picture – how this blogger has packed it. A very neat presentation – by wrapping in butter paper. pic courtesy :

Note :

  • If by chance. you have cooked it for a long time after adding the sugar. Then, you can make pieces like burfi and call it the Rajamundry milk cake 🙂 . No effort will go waste.
  • If you follow this method of keeping some less cooked kova and mixing it with the more cooked kova. You will for sure not go wrong.
  • This is no great effort. Normally, people say palkova takes 5 tp 6 hours etc. See if you do it in 1/2 ltr batches – you will take only 15 minutes for each batch. You can take  break between batches. Enjoy and put in your love  – leave the rest to the God – the magic will happen and you will get the divine taste.
  • The thickened / condensed milk without sugar is called koya / khoya / khoa / Mawa.
  • In traditional therattipal – no flavouring like cardamon or saffron is added.



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