Anandam Anandam Anandame

  • Hindi translation for the sanskrit word Anandam is  ānandama आनन्द.
  • In English, there is no equivalent word which can really convey this emotional experience.
  • It can be termed as a combination of euphoria (A feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness) and extreme bliss or complete satisfaction.
  • The other word for this in Tamil is Nimmathi.
  • A person was handicapped. He didn’t have a leg. God appeared before him and asked ” What do you need ?”. He said without thinking ” Legs”. God granted his wish.
  • Then, he was a very happy person all the time running and jumping. Suddenly, he  became serious and started to think – that he should not be a lazy anymore and he should be active – so, he started studying well and eventually got a very nice job.
  • God appeared before him and again asked ” what do you need? “. He said ” God – I am very happy now and I think I need a family. I need to marry a girl”.
  • God granted his wish.
  • He found a beautiful, tall, slim, educated, home-loving girl. He was very happy.
  • Unfortunately, they didn’t have any children.
  • Again God appeared and asked  ” what do you need? “. He said ” A child”.
  • God granted his wish.
  • He was very happy with the child and family. After 2 years, they found that the kid was deaf and dumb.
  • Again God appeared and asked ” what do you need? “. He said ” A healthy child and not handicapped”.
  • God granted his wish.
  • The child started to talk and hear.
  • What is that we understand from this story?  What is that he should have actually asked god?
  • He should have asked Nimmathi / complete satisfaction.
  • Till the time he had the satisfaction – his mind was not agitated. When it is lost – he was agitated.
  • In turn, he thought a leg will give Nimmathi, education and job will give Nimmathi, marriage will give Nimmathi, kids will give Nimmathi, position, status and recognition will give Nimmathi.
  • But, unfortunately we imagined that these things will give Nimmathi and after sometime we realised – it is not true.
  • Do you remember the first sight of your beloved. What was the feeling? Anandam. Never bothered about the mother’s shouting even though you were in hours over phone. Nothing in the world could bother you because you had the Anandam inside you.
  • No one can disturb this anandam and nothing can give this anandam. We imagine that there is anandam in something and when it was not found – our mind got disturbed and blamed something or the other.
  • Where is this anandam coming from?
  • From  our mind or heart?
  • Where is this mind?
  • In our knees/ elbows / head / brain?
  • Where is this thought of I am (EGO) – coming from?
  • I am sad, I am Satisfied, I am hurt etc.
  • Can we enquire? This method of enquiring about one thing rather than thinking about waves of things is called dhayana.
  • We cannot stop the mind from thinking. We can divert the thinking to something unknown. If we do this kind of analytical thinking of enquiry is called meditation or dhayana.
  • In this process, we will be able to find out that –  this anandam is actually within us and we are looking for it somewhere outside. No other object can give this satisfaction.
  • Some people will read this and just accept it and feel fully convinced and start the process just now.
  • Such people have the unique quality called shraddha. Accepting the truth without any doubt or analysis.
  • Second category of people, they are not disputing it but are unable to do the dhayana because the mind is going into the outside world a lot. They believe this theory and they are willing to do anything to train them for this.
  • So, their question will be – I am unable to do this : so what should I do ?
  • This is an experience – it cannot be thought. It needs to be felt. So, vedas suggest to hear certain mantras, songs and be with people who have nimmathi in them. By doing these activities – we get the inner Nimmathi. Suddenly, sometime during this experience the mind will pay attention to the source. This is called the Atman or Soul. Because it was calm and peaceful experience the mind will search for it again and again. As mind likes Nimmathi.
  • All of us have experienced it little bit. But, we never paid attention to it because we imagined that this Nimmathi was from the external object say icecream, kids, friends, movie etc.
  • We keep repeating those activities which give us this Nimmathi thinking that – activity or object is giving the satisfaction.
  • We get it for few times and later we realise that it does not give the permanent satisfaction. We change the activity and the object.
  • We see our friends or known person are having that Nimmathi. We feel jealous and start to imagine – that person is happy because of a car, house, kids, position, recognition etc.
  • We feel all the negative emotions for them. We will think that their situation of life is better. We envy their situation of life and give excuses as to why we could not achieve that. We will start to work hard / aggressively to achieve this. Suppose, we got that car or house or kid or position or recognition. We will still feel incomplete. Again search for Nimmathi in something else.
  • Example : You see a person in a very high position and earning in tons. If you ask that person ” How are you? “. He will say that he is fine. BUTTTTTTTT you see I didn’t get the promotion or I am not recognised etc. He is not happy with his achievement he is looking for something else.
  • In some time in our life, we will have some experience which will tell us – all the things are impermanent and nothing can give this permanent Nimmathi that we are looking for.
  • This experience need not happen after a great tragedy. Don’t spend your life waiting for this tragedy. Buddha, saw old, sick and dead body and started to wonder where is this permanent Nimmathi. So, even a small incident in life can make you think. May be you are not at all a sensitive person – you take things lightly but still some incident will make you wonder or may be someone else experience will make you think. I don’t know how – but for sure all of us will go through this phase of experience sometime during this life or in the next lives.
  • At that stage, we search for it inside.
  • Till then, what do we do?
  • This was the question asked by the people to the Rishis.
  • They said, spend your time in activities which will give you the Nimmathi.
  • After, analysing they found everything in the world which gives happiness also gives sorrow. This is nature.
  • So, they spent years in dhayana – asking what is this permanent Nimmadhi / Anandam. They never gave up till then.
  • Can all of us  leave  the duties and do the dhayana all the time.
  • Krishna explains to Arjuna – This is not possible by every one. We have certain inherent tendencies (namely vasanas). This decides our character. For the right character the GOD has given us the right stage (situation) and we are expected to act. We cannot act well if we change the situation. Let us play the given role. But, with the attitude that I am doing these kharma (jobs ) because I have some Vasanas which needs to be burnt. Only by playing this character in this situation and performing this kharma (duty) – I can burn the vasanas. As the vasanas become less the thoughts are less. Mind is not agitated it is focused. A non agitated mind can capture the Nimmathi faster.
  • So, we need to do the jobs assigned to us. Even if I say – stop all the work and do dhayana. You go and try – you cannot ;  till the vasanas are burnt.
  • So, why Should I do the dhayana now ?  Let me do the duties and burn the vasanas and later, I  will do the dhayana. Life has so far taken me in  the right direction and it will guide me. I don’t have to take any efforts.
  • Very very right attitude. But, doing these duties alone will not burn the vasanas. Doing the duties with the attitude of I am doing will make us collect more vasanas.
  • We need to do the duty with the thought that I am performing it for Nimmathi. I am not performing for money, position, recognition, situation etc.
  • By doing the duty incidentally you might get these (money, recognition, position) – that does not matter.
  • Many people could not do this – so, they came and asked the Rishis. We need to do the duties and we are getting caught in the worldly passion and in others words and opinions.
  • What do we do? How do we spend the time?
  • They gave an object called GOD. As the common man knows from his imagination that only objects give happiness.
  • They said – this is that which gives Nimmathi and gave a form to it.
  • Our thoughts produce the vasanas and we do actions as per the vasanas. If we keep thinking about the Nimmathi we will get it.
  • So, they started telling people see there is Nimmathi in everything, everywhere provided you see it inside.
  • People did their duties as these duties gave Nimmathi and all the time prayed to the object called GOD for Nimmathi.
  • Some people believe in this concept of Nimmathi  – as no one can deny it and all of us have the experience – but, don’t believe in idol worship.
  • Such people can do their duties. But, how long can they do their duties – what will they do during the rest of the day. If they can find any activity which will not create more vasana and can give the Nimmathi – they are free to do that.
  • Many could not find any activity like that. They again and again got involved in the wordly passion and the mind was thinking again and again about the certain incidents or words which hurt their EGO.

So the only option was to do pooja and spend the time. This activity calmed the mind and  at the same time didn’t produce more vasanas.

  • Rishis suggested – Do your duty – just because we need Nimmathi. At the same time, continue this dhayana (where is this Nimmathi in me). During the rest of the day do activities like Nama Japa ( repeating the names of the GOD say Rama, Narayana, OM, OM Namah Shivaye etc). If we repeat these words the mind will feel bored and will become weak and will pay attention inside. People who are thinking all the time or dreamers cannot sleep as the mind does not withdraw. Even such people if they do Nama Japa – their mind will become calm and they will go to sleep.
  • In the initial stage of meditation, we will sleep well. As the mind is not given any thoughts – the next thing it knows is sleep.
  • Rishis suggested –  just spend your day in temples (as many people with Nimmathi will come there and there vibes might create the experience), instead of doing the worldly activities which is going to give more vasanas – people did their basic duties slowly and elaborately. That is why – those days women did all the household work themselves slowly and they never had any ambition. They very well know – even if they have an ambition and achieve it – they will not get the permanent Nimmathi.
  • The next question is –  all the people will become lazy.
  • There is a great difference between lazy without any goal in life and people not having ambition because they have a goal called Nimmathi.
  • Aggressiveness will make a person do lots of work ; just to prove himself –  this is very different from sincerity / vairagya – which will make a person do the job with beauty.
  • Men just did their job for running the family. Not great ambition to aspire anything. But, they did the job for Nimmathi and verywell understood that this Nimmthi is making them do the job finely and beautifully.
  • So, they said – GOD makes me do the job and I am doing – the EGO vanished. This Nimmathi makes us do the job Beautifully and not ambition. We the EGO cannot do anything very beautifully without this Nimmathi.
  • What we experience in life is just a very very  little of the entire Nimmathi – what if we realise the fullness of Nimmathi.
  • What we do? What situation we are in – does not matter. We all have this Nimmathi in us. We do all the self fish actions because we think we get happiness by doing these. If we all have this common goal Nimmathi – we will all be united. By the outer appearance all of us can never become similar and our vasanas are different but our goal is the same which is  Nimmathi.
  • If we have this goal we will not hurt others or envy others or win over others or prove to others. We are doing our duties as given to us. All of us are in search of this Nimmathi / Anandam.
  • Do the job as a duty just to run a life.
  • Spend a lot of time in Nama japa (this will calm the mind).
  • Spend time in Dhayana.
  • Spend some time in Pooja or visiting temple – not for doing business with GOD – give me this ; inturn – I will give you that. Just to spend the time peacefully – so that you can get the Nimmathi and also there is no other job we could think off which does not create more vasanas and calm, the mind. The nimmathi is already is us – if we calm the mind we can focus on it. Otherwise, we are distracted by the noise of the mind (all the time blabbering).
  • Socialise with people – talk about this anandam – spend time in hearing gita – hearing lectures on this truth – meet people with the same goal.
  • If we train the mind to think less it will turn from the outside world to inside.
  • From this month Adi – pooja season has started. Please, spend sometime doing these poojas rather than engaging in worldly passions. See the change in you – Aggressiveness will change to sincerity.
  • A small story……
  • A person was fishing. He had a small stick with a thread and was sitting and fishing slowly. He got 6 fishes. He sold 4 and bought rice and roasted the remaining 2 fishes. Ate a meal. There was a mango fallen under a tree. He picked it up and ate it and was lying down under a tree.
  • A foreigner was watching this person for few days and came to him and asked – you don’t have any ambition in life. I am seeing daily – you are catching 6 fishes. See the river –  there are 100’s and 1000’s of fishes. Why don’t you catch – till you become tired. The man asked – what will I do with so many fishes ? The foreigner said, sell them and save the money. You can buy a net and catch 50 and 100’s of fishes. He again said – what will I do with so many fishes? The foreigner said, sell and save money to buy a boat. The man said – what will I do with it. The foreigner said – see in the river bank there are 100’s of fishes and inside the river there will be thousands – you can catch all of them with the boat. You will buy a house and you will get a wife. You will have kids and grand children. The man asked then… The foreigner said – then, you will be contended and will lie down with Nimmathi. The man said – already I was doing that.
  • Fear for future kills our Nimmathi.
  • Don’t think anything just do the duty and spend some time in activities which can calm the mind and will not drag you to more vasanas.
  • If by chance, the reader is not convinced of this article. Just don’t waste your time debating. Continue with your work. One day, there will be a situation in life which might give some stress  – at that time you will not fall into addictions and will definitively think of this article as you know there is an another alternative to calm the mind. You know where the Nimmathis is. May be this is not the right time to start the search – you will come back later.
  • If you don’t believe in poojas and prayer – just be in company of people with Nimmathi. It is a spark – Only from a spark we can light a lamp.
  • Listen to the lectures of Nochur. You will have the experience of Nimmathi and may be your mind will pay attention to it.
  • This article is the outcome of the lectures of Nochur. Please hear the original version. Whether you like it or not does not matter. How many movies we watch – which we just didn’t like. Just hear once. It will for sure be of some use to you one day.
  • Also watch hear this song – Anandam Anandam Anandame – this song is about the happiness (Anandam) a mother gets after the wedding of her daughter / son.
  • Lets us all be united with this common goal of Paramanandam.

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  1. I want to share my experience related to this article. You will be able to appreciate this article if you listen just chapter 01 of Bhagavad Gita in the link mentioned in the article. After listening to it, you will able to appreciate how this blog author has expressed the first chapter to a layman. I was the same person who browsed this article a month back and ignored it. Now I am going to listen to other bhagavad gita volumes.

  2. Uma,

    Nice article.

    The world around us is trying to teach the mass that happiness is connected with some gadget. All the advertisements around you tells “buy this and you will be happy”. The new generation is attaching happiness to these objects. When in reality it is not.

    I do chanting regularly. But my mind wanders through my office files during that time. I wanted to correct it. Do you have any advice?

    • Thank u so much…please read my article series – Awakening to a new way of thinking…..this article answers all the doubts about life and also helps in controlling the mind…i will also be telling abt how to meditate in my future articles…..please read and tell me if it is of use to you……………….

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